3 ways to wear Tanzanite this December

December has one of the most beautiful birthstones, making it a great option for jewellery this month. Tanzanite – which is only found in Tanzania – has become a popular stone due to its rich blue shade that is ideal for adding a little touch of luxury to any look.

Because tanzanite is quite soft in comparison to other gemstones, it is best suited to jewellery that will be kept away from possibly corrosive products – such as cleaning solutions – and that tends to avoid knocks and scrapes.

With this in mind, here are some of the best ways to wear tanzanite for December that will show the stone off, keep it safe and ensure you’re on-trend:

Bright earrings

Earrings are a great choice for tanzanite as they ensure the stone is away from possible damage while showing it off in an area that is sure to get a lot of notice.

Whether you wear your hair up or down, the blue of tanzanite is sure to shine and make a statement. However, you can step up the glam factor by opting for a pair of dangling earrings that will catch the light more due to their movement.

These Tanzanite Statement Earrings are a lovely choice that will help to finish off any December party outfit. They feature platinum overlaid sterling silver and several gemstones in a classic cluster style that is sure to shine.

Textured pendants

While single stone pendants are a great way to showcase this beautiful stone, if you want to make a big statement, you need to opt for something that really stands out.

Pendants that contain a lot of texture are a lovely choice as they’ll look like they are glittering with any small movement. They also add another element to your ensemble to stop it falling flat.

Our Tanzanite Leaves Pendant with Chain is the perfect option for December and will work well for both day and night.

Bold bangles

Bangles and bracelets have made a comeback this year and are the perfect option for both short and long-sleeved looks. They make a nice change from statement or layered rings, which have been the go-to choice for many people over the last few seasons.

Pieces like this Tanzanite Bangle in Platinum Overlay will finish off any ensemble perfectly. The classic pattern is created through numerous shapes and sizes of tanzanite, ensuring it always shines.

You can team it with earrings or a simple pendant to really showcase this stone throughout your style this December.

Shop our full range of tanzanite jewellery here to find your perfect piece.

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