5 accessories you need for the working week

Stuck in a rut with your wardrobe for work? Aren’t we all!

We have 5 lust worthy accessories that will help revamp your work ensembles and have you feeling fabulous in pieces you’ve had for years. All you need is a sassy style update to have your wardrobe for work looking brand new again!

If you work in a high pressured office environment, you’re most likely going to be wearing a tailored suit or tailored formal wear. In this case, you don’t want accessories to stand out too much or be loudly garish. Opt for a simple yet sophisticated touch that will add gentle elegance to any colour outfit you have on. These beautiful and affordable 9CT White Gold ¼ Carat Diamond Solitaire Studs are your perfect companion.

The White Shirt
Once in a while a classic white shirt, top or camisole makes an appearance. It’s the perfect go to fashion piece. A number of accessories will go with this simple and versatile look, however a statement necklace is always my number one choice for dressing up what can be known as a timeless (boring) item. This Lucy Q Sterling Silver Ocean Necklace will give your outfit a chic style overhaul with some minimalistic bling helping a plain white shirt truly stand out.

 The Dress
A dress is a great item to throw on when you’re really stuck on what to pair together in the morning rush. With a dress I feel a jewellery set works best in tying a whole look together and we have loads of variations here at TJC. However, during working hours we all tend to play it safe, which is why it’s great to invite some colour into play. Our bestselling stone is Amethyst, which has great colour vibrancy and sparkle which is why this Uruguay Amethyst set will surely leave you feeling feminine and flirty.

 The Skirt
The skirt is a staple found in every woman’s wardrobe, and will come in a variety of shapes and cuts, depending on your body type. Again this piece of clothing can be dressed up with a blazer or down with a simple top. As a result, a dual toned stone is great for styling such a versatile look. Alexite is a great stone as it shows different colours in different lights. This Lavender Alexite set is great for wearing individual pieces alone for more laid back looks that need a style boost or teaming together for a strong statement yet elegant look, wear this loveable stone throughout the week and always look on top form.

Dress Down Friday
Probably the most highly anticipated day of the week, Friday’s leave us feeling human as we are able to show off our personal style and wind down, allowing us to prepare for the weekend. Many work places allow employees to dress down for Friday’s (bring on the comfy jeans!) As a call for celebration throw a burst of colour to your ensembles with one of the most stunning gemstones; Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. A great transeasonal colour this stone can be work in various ways, however this jewels of India solitaire ring is great for adding some sleek character to a laid back or smart casual outfit.

One for Luck
No matter what day of the week you can never go wrong with trustee watch. Although not everyone’s ideal daily accessory, a watch easily brings a sophisticated and chic touch to any type of outfit that you could be wearing during the week. I think this Strada Snaffle Link Watch in Silver Tone is a great everyday accessory yet holds enough sparkle for more special occasions. Also available in Gold tone!

Shop our pieces direct from our website, but if you see anything else that you could work into your wardrobe, share it with us in the comments 🙂

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