5 Halloween Looks You Need to Try This Year

Halloween is quickly approaching, have you figured out the perfect creepy costume for Halloween party? If no, pick one of these amazing Halloween looks that are waiting to be brought to life.

Halloween make up can make or break your costume, why not go for an easy-to-do, makeup-based look for the ultimate Halloween attire. All you need is a dramatic, terrifying and flat out look for grabbing attention, hence, try out these five make-ups selected by TJC style keeping in mind popular Halloween looks 2019. You can easily achieve these stunning appearances with the only a handful makeup products’ that are best suited for quirky Halloween make up.

Whether you want to look like glamorous Jessica Rabbit or a cute spooky cat, we have selected some amazing easy-do Halloween looks that you will love to play out on Halloween 2019.


Charming Lady

Wonder Woman Halloween Makeup


Here is a charming Halloween character for you. This is a simply done Halloween make up that gives you a wonderful appearance of Wonder Woman. You need to be bit creative for curating this amazing look that is sure to catch attention at the Halloween party. Enhanced eyebrow (done much easier with Beautiful Brows-Eyebrow kit-slate grey) and a good eye-makeup is perfect for the look. Don’t forget her perfect winged eye liner!

Sassy & Scary

Combined Jessica Rabbit and the Bride of Roger Rabbit make up


Leave people wondering the character with this amazing look combining gorgeous Jessica Rabbit and the bride of Roger Rabbit. A dark red lip-color with heavy eye makeup will surely make you look like this stunning beauty. Love the look? Why wait? Start preparing. If you’re looking to recreate this look, you’ll only be needing an all-inclusive pack of eye shadows (we’d recommend La Roc Bakery Box palette and indulgent lip color, much like *Nails inc Berry trio.

Spooky Kitty

Cat’s eye Halloween make up

Spooky kitty make up

She is cute and scary. Featuring an easy-to-do Halloween look with this spooky kitty look. You just have to focus on the eyes and use hair extensions for this fabulous look. For inspiration, you can check out Secret Extensions line that brings some nicely made, regular use hair extensions that’ll come in use even for regular days. Lo-real Paris False Lash sculpt Mascara, Lord and Berry: Line and shade eyeliner is perfect for the cat’s eye makeup.

Terrifying Beauty

Penny wise Halloween Makeup


Perfect look for the Penny wise fans. As you can see, this is an amazing softer version of Penny wise which you can do with red shade lip color and eye shadow. You can go for this scary and frightful Penny wise appearance easily with the right shade of red color. If you’re looking for darker, richer red shades in makeup, then that’s where our La Roc Expresso Martini 15 color Palette & Mavala Carmin Lipstick with 53 London mini come to rescue.

 Oh-so Glamorous

Peach Blossom Halloween Makeup

Peach Blossom make up

This is a colorful look. You have to use colorful eye-shadows and blush for this amazing look. You can choose a theme for the look, like pink or any other light color for the fabulous look. If you’re a bit torn as to what color to go for, you can get this palette featuring the rainbow and drape them all. Follow link to  Klever Koncepts 10 colour Palette https://www.tjc.co.uk/beauty/option-2—la-roc%3A-10-colour-blusher-palette-3231054.html and Mavala: Legends Lipstick 













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