Ahoy Sailor! How to pull off nautical fashion

The summer is all about the seaside, which not only influences what you do with your days; it also affects fashion. Nautical is a big look for this season, offering you a chance to embrace some classic rockabilly style and totally embrace the summer.

While you might think that nautical is just about anchors, there is more to the trend than that. There are numerous ways you can rock this look and embrace your inner sailor girl.

Here are some fab ways to wear nautical this summer, whether you're beside the seaside or not: 


Any colour of stripe on a white background can create a nautical-inspired look. As well as the standard red and blue stripes that are so closely tied with the idea of nautical, you can also wear black, grey, pink or purple stripes and create a similar look.

You can go for thick stripes for a statement outfit or slim ones to create a more subtle, demure ensemble. These can be worn throughout an entire outfit or introduced through a single item.

You can also introduce the idea of nautical by including just two stripes in your outfit. Skirts that feature two slim stripes around the hem or tops with them on the cuffs result in a small nod to this trend that can be very effective.

Block colours

If stripes aren't your thing, simple block colours can also fit with the nautical theme. One of these colours usually needs to be white, which should be included in any nautical ensemble even if only in small amounts. Other shades like black, red and especially blue all work alongside white.

These colours can be worked throughout any items of simple clothing, from skirts to dresses to trousers to tops, mix and match however you want to create your look.

Deck shoes

Deck shoes are a fun way to add some nautical flair to your outfit and are also a very comfortable choice for the summer. They look great with tailored trousers that have turn-ups, as well as full, high-waisted skirts or shorts. 

Keep them simple – think plain colours, stripes or more colour blocking – and they will help to increase the nautical elements in your look.

However, deck shoes won't go with every look, so pumps, Mary Jane-style heels and sandals can also work well with this look.


Your jewellery can add a subtle seaside touch to any outfit, allowing you to show your love of all things nautical without having to feature it throughout every inch of your ensemble.

There are a few ways to wear nautical jewellery, although the most obvious is to feature anchors throughout it. This J Francis Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Anchor Pendant is a great example of this trend being featured in jewellery.

However, you can be even more subtle with it by choosing a simple, traditional chain. Anchor link chains are subtle but incredibly effective, adding a bit of bling and texture to your style.

Of course, you could also embrace your inner pirate and rock a pair of oversized gold hoop earrings. Team these with some winged eyeliner and a bright red lipstick and you will have perfected the rockabilly nautical trend.

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