August’s Birthstone: Perfect Peridot


August has arrived; and this month’s birthstone is really one of a kind.

Found in an array of exquisite greens, the dazzling Peridot is bursting with stand-out attributes. Not only is it one of the very few gems to appear in just one colour, it also shines all own its own – not relying on light for a shimmer – thus it almost appears to glow in the dark!

This versatile gem was long believed to drive away evil spirits (ah, the middle ages) is associated with love, truth, fame and protection as-well as supposedly bringing one closer to nature (easy to see why with a gem boasting such opulent greens).

More recently, however, a far more exotic tale has been attributed to Peridot’s eye-catching aura. The gem has been found on Mars! (No, this one isn’t a myth, promise!)

A space craft orbiting the far-away planet spotted large quantities of the green mineral gemstone scattered across its surface! Not only very glamourous for something so tenuous in appearance, the presence of Peridot here also clues us up on the history of Mars! Suggesting the planet has been both cold and dry for millions of years. You go Peridot!

And all that’s not enough, the elegant gem is also simply stunning! Sure to compliment any outfit, its rich green hues make either the perfect statement piece or classic addition.

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