Make your Home your Haven

With the longer evenings advancing, cold weather on its way and more of us staying in there’s never been a better time to invest in some small luxuries for your home. It’s amazing how just a few affordable changes can enhance your surroundings for a feeling of warmth, wellbeing and relaxation. Some of these ideas

A Revolutionary Digital Air Fryer

Recently I made a fantastic discovery on one of my shows of a product that is brilliant for non-cooks like me, as well as for those who want an additional cooking aid that is versatile and very healthy. Let me introduce you to this digital air fryer oven which, although compact, has so many functions

My Wonderful Experience with Doctors Formula Ampoules

I’ve recently started using the Doctor’s Formula Ampoules, and they are fabulous. They are branded as “skin innovation in a bottle”, and they certainly live up to this description! I’ve been a fan of Doctor’s Formula products for a few years now, so when they brought out their own ampoules, I was very keen to

Staycation Ideas for Your Home

With so many of us staying at home more and possibly not going away on holiday this year it’s so essential to make our homes and gardens comfortable and cared for. Here at TJC Style, we have lots of products that will provide solutions for keeping you cool, your air cleaner and your garden tidier!  

My ultimate saviour: Douvall’s Argan Oil Multipurpose Balm

My personal experience of intense care and hydration for my skin! The Douvall’s Argan Oil Multipurpose balm can heal and repair the skin while forming the protective barrier and lock the moisture deep into the layers. Read to know more: I’m pretty sure that we are all currently suffering a lot more with rough, chapped

A Wig Buying Guide- World of Wigs for Women!

Right at this moment, hair extensions and wigs for women are having some of the significant moments in the beauty industry! From the red carpet to the glam world, the use of extensions or dramatic has been profoundly increasing every day. I have had some great fun hosting the wigs shows for TJC over the past couple

A little luxury: my guide to some incredible handbags for women!

Evolved at a young age, my fondness towards handbags led me to write this article. Realizing the variety of handbags for women we have today, I hope my experience and direction here help every pretty lady find her best piece! Continue reading to know my little bag story: One of the many things I have

The goodness of probiotics for skin

The probiotics for skin are like food! They can not only add glow to skin but also make it healthful from inside-out! Continue reading to know my experience- Caroline Lyndsay What are Probiotics: I have taken probiotic supplements orally for a long time now to help with the health of my digestive system. Probiotics are strains

Nail fungal treatment and my idea of nail care!

Like manicured hands? Here is my secret to healthy nails! Say no to pale, lifeless ones with this miraculous Mavamed Nail Fungal Treatment. Please continue reading to known about the product and my experience with the same: I have been hosting the Mavala shows on TJC Style for a few years alongside Mavala’s fabulous expert Lynn.