The Best Of Jewellery Styles For Every Age

Some say don’t dress your age, others say yes do!  Well, if you go with the trend modern women are setting, dressing your age is conventional and new age means new ideas, beliefs and executions, of course. Jewellery styles too fit with this notion.

If you are a woman of today and believe in ignoring the “mutton shaming” style advice over what to wear and not to, respective of age, well, it is completely cool. In fact, lately, many women on social media marched in with solidarity over this. If it is about dressing up for your age, then accessorising tags along too. But, on the same note preferences and ideologies after a certain age modifies itself. The quirky elements one may like at some age point does not awe after an age. Therefore, jewellery styles is ideally taken with the age group.

To have your back all the time, we dig in deeper and got some exceptionally overwhelmed pieces for every age. Though age is just a number but choices are not. Let’s have a look:

Teens: The Carefree Era

Teens have their own take on things. They may not like heavy accessorising but also don’t prefer mundane vibes. Being playful and highly experimentative, some chunky bracelets are their go-to. Crystal chain bracelets or a retro glam crystal necklace fits well with their style moods.

20s: High Aspirations

If you are in your 20s, you have somewhere prepared your mind into investing in jewellery. There are bills and rents to pay and money is often spent on night outs. But if you have been the bun in the oven, and save yourself some bucks or more, investing in jewellery could be really accomplishing. Rest your choice with a statement earring or a pendant with some expensive gemstone flanking for an eclectic appeal.

30s: New You

Here come your 30s, the age group where you are appraised with more sense, more money and more of jewels. Well, people of this age are generally married or for that matter separated. But that does not have to go with the shine game, right? A sparkling pair of solitaire stud earrings and that high priced wedding ring, the bling game is at zenith.

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40s: Rekindled Self

When she has emanated her vivacious self toward work, children, husband and to the society, it’s her second innings and she plays it with much valour and pride. She spruces up her look like a new bud from a blossoming plant would do. For women in 40s, there is no barrier and she would exhibit herself in whatever way she wishes to. For the discerning women, a much-powered necklace with gemstones and high-quality diamonds is the go. After all, why she would shy wearing her heart on her sleeves? Her bling game is on a high note.

50s: The Ever Vivacious You

Well, there is no end to embrace your eternal bling. But as seen, women from her 50s to eternity have her hands on the timeless pieces that she can very well flaunt. Whether it is a crystal square stud earrings that Demi Moore has been seen wearing or a square studded necklace, or for that matter, a pristine pearl necklace would satiate her bling game.

But all of the above, this show-and-tell platform for women is democratising fashion in a concrete way and the world is following their very own game of fashion.

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