Bondi Blue Tanzanite

Bondi Blue Tanzanite The Jewellery Channel is proud to present Bondi Blue Tanzanite!

Discovered and mined in the Mererani Hills of northern Tanzania, the sublime colours of this beautiful gem adapt to different light, making this a gemstone with character and spectacular natural beauty.

Even rarer than normal tanzanite, this unique gemstone derives its name from the brilliant blue green waters of Australia’s Bondi Beach.

Due to its rarity you’ll only ever see Bondi Blue Tanzanite once a year at The Jewellery Channel. So join us for our rare and very beautiful Bondi Blue Tanzanite on Friday 16th August at 7 am – until 2pm.


3 thoughts on “Bondi Blue Tanzanite

    1. Hi Alice,

      Very simply it’s the colour. Bondi Blue Tanzanite has an amazing sea blue hue, named after Bondi Beach in Australia 🙂

      TJC X

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