Bringing Isabella Liu to TJC family!

Isabella Liu

With an overwhelming heart, we are pleased to introduce a very fresh and popular designer Isabella Liu and her incredibly gorgeous collection to you all. Honoured for her inimitable talent and work, she has won many grants and rewards for her phenomenal forte. It is our immense pleasure to have her here among us showcasing her optimum work. To check her collection, click on Isabella Liu’s name and have a peek of her creations and indulge in the beauty of minimal jewellery and the simplicity it offers.


More About Isabella Liu

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Currently living in London, Isabella’s roots are from Wuhan, China. Honoured with three gold and two silver awards, this young designer has written her name in the world of jewellery and with the masterpieces created, is a name well known in her world. Other than the mentioned accolades won at Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards (2015), she also graced her presence in the Editor’s Choice Award IJL for creative Originality (2017) with matchless designs and oeuvre.

These young jewellery designers believe in enjoying the process of making a jewellery piece more than the final output result. In her views, this progression plays a major role and decides the fortune of your work, and hence, she gives her earnest dedication to this phase.

Initially, Isabella started with the fine art of oil painting from which she, later on, drifted to the art of jewellery designing. Now after spending more than 8 years in this vocation, Isabella Liu expresses that most of her designs are inspired from the minimal things close to her heart and from where she seeks enthusiasm and inspiration.


Isabella Liu Jewellery Designs

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It is believed that the designers put their heart and soul in their designs and with Isabella’s collection, we cannot deny this fact. Showcasing perfection that she delivers in her work, it is no mystery that other than creativity, she portrays her inner self and her own beauty in those incredible designs. Offering the slight insights of Chinese convention in her drafts shows how she believes in carrying her original and its values with her. Find some of her gorgeous themes are underneath:


Butterfly Collection

Offering the beauty of wings and denoting the freedom, this range showcases the close relationship of love and passion. With the pair of butterfly silhouettes always close to each other, Isabella renders over the ancient tale of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai – Chinese Romeo and Juliet and how love is meant to stay together and never separate, through her designs.


Twilight Collection

Depicting the power and beauty of the moon goddess in her collection, Isabella before coming up with this wonderful range, very closely observed and adorned moon and its different phases. In her opinion through this collection of jewellery, Isabella dedicates this entire range to all the lovely and strong women facing each challenge life throws at them. Representing each phase in the life of women, the variant shapes of the moon in her range are made to complement these strong and beautiful ladies.


Sea Rhyme Collection

With the soothing beauty of serene ocean., this collection is inspired from the shores and waves, from the breezing water and the cool vibrations of nature. Each product in this range is further adorned with the simplicity and beauty of Mother of Shell Pearl, which upon moving created a unique melody and feels like the water crashing down the shore.


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