Choose the right earrings to compliment your face shape

Here at TJC we are passionate about jewellery and we love, love, love earrings as they are a staple accessory everyone can wear with confidence! Earrings can be the finishing element to any outfit adding an accent of glamour with a number of fun shapes, but first you need to understand what styles compliment the

Bracelet Stacking 101

Want to work some uptown funk into your SS15 wardrobe with this expressive fashion trend, but not sure how to “pull it off”? Keep reading and we’ll get you stacking like a pro! Playing it safe? If you’re ‘testing the waters’ so to speak, you might want to start off simple. Try a couple of

Ideal gift guide: What are you getting your mum this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, with March 15th creeping ever closer. Rather than rushing out to buy a card and a tired bunch of flowers at the last minute, why not put in a bit more effort and get your mum something extra special. The chances are, your mum deserves something

Getting it right: What type of Valentine’s gift will your partner want?

It's not long until Valentine's Day, so you best get a move on and find something to give to your partner. Whether they are fans of the romance of February 14th or say they aren't really bothered, it isn't wise to let the day pass without giving them something. That's where things can get difficult;

Valentine’s Day gifts for every budget

February 14th is sneaking up, which means the amount of time you have to find the perfect gift for your beloved is running out. Luckily, Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to be romantic, and at TJC romance means jewellery! You might think that jewellery comes with a high price tag, but you don't

Wrapping up Christmas: Great ways to package jewellery

With Christmas just a week away, it is time to start the dreaded task of wrapping all your presents. While you may enjoy making all the gifts you are giving look pretty, there is no denying that wrapping small gifts can be a bit of a hassle. Not only are they incredibly fiddly to wrap,

How to wear December’s birthstone: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a really beautiful stone that is as rare as it is stunning. It is only available from one place in the world, which is one of the reasons it is so sought after; the other reason being its gorgeous and unusual colour. Found only in Tanzania, with its discovery only taking place in

Stuck on the boys: Great gifts for any lad this Christmas

Buying for boys can be a difficult prospect. Unlike girls, you can't treat them to jewellery or cosmetics when you aren't sure what they want. This means you want to find something that looks good and is functional to ensure they use it. So what gifts are a good idea for guys this Christmas? At

Finding the perfect gift: Keep everyone happy this Christmas

Christmas shopping can be a stressful endeavour, especially as you have to try and find something for numerous different tastes, styles and personalities. When you factor this in with your budget, it can be a difficult task; one that leaves you wishing you'd just opted for gift cards. However, you can make your festive present