A Guide to November’s birthstone: Topaz

If you have a birthday this month or know someone who is celebrating – or commiserating – getting a year older, jewellery featuring November's birthstone could be a great gift.  This month's birthstone really is beautiful and is perfect for tying in your look with AW14. With a variety of shades and stunning variations in

The right stones for your hair colour

Choosing the right gemstone for your hair colour can have a dramatic effect. Ensuring you pick the right shade to work with your colouring will enhance the jewellery and your hair colour easily to create a cohesive look. However, getting it wrong can make a statement for all the wrong reasons. Whether buying for yourself

Sparkle and shine on a budget with Swarovski jewellery

We all love a bit of sparkle in our day, but sadly our purse strings can't always stretch far enough to allow for diamonds. This means that sometimes we have to accept the fact that our sparkles aren't going to be the real thing. However, with The Jewellery Channel's stunning range of Swarovski crystal jewellery,

A quick history of daylight saving time the TJC way

Ah, winter is upon us. It’s Saturday October 26th, come 2am, British clocks will fall back an hour plunging us into the ‘dark by 4pm’ evenings that the season is notorious for. We’re normally too busy worrying about whether it’s a gain or loss in sleep we’ve acquired – but from where exactly does daylight

The ultimate in-style gifts

If you're thinking about getting ahead with your Christmas shopping or if you have a few birthdays on the way, The Jewellery Channel has some fab gifts that are at a great price but are also on-trend. No matter who you have to buy for this festive season, you're sure to find the perfect present

Make it personal with the Initial Collection

Making a statement with your look is all well and good, but if it doesn't reflect you and your style, what's the point? Now you can take your look to the next level with a little bit of you with our new Initials Collection. Jewellery that features lettering or quotes is all the rage right

A guide to October’s birthstone: Opal

Every month comes with it's own birthstone and October's is a really beautiful one. Opal is the traditional birthstone of October, making it a great choice if you are looking to buy jewellery as a gift for someone who has a birthday this month.  Opals are a really beautiful stone that have unique qualities. One