Last Chance Auctions! Just a few hours to go….

Good morning! Just a quick update on the auctions for you this morning!! Whatever you do, Dont Miss Out! The lovely Iliana 18k yellow gold oval cut Boyaca Columbian Emerald and Diamond pendent normally sells for £699.99, but right now the highest bid is £270.00. Just 5 hours to go. This fab 2.40 carat oval cut Tanzanite and Diamond

Autumn Key Trends

Hello and happy October! The leaves are turning and its really starting to feel like Autumn, especially since the weather is starting to change, the wind and rain… There are some great trends to follow this season, from Back to Black, Purple Reign, Diamonds and my favourite dark Elegance!  Check out the TJC Style Guide

Are Dreamy Opals Making A Come Back?

Opals have always been the less conventional choice of embellishment, and have always been surrounded by intrigue and superstition. All opals, the black, gray, white, fire and light varieties are stunning but are they as desired and treasured as diamonds and emeralds? I say absolutely…. For centuries these iridescent stones have been considered a sign of

Flash Clearance | Up To 90% Off | Limited Time Only

Click Here to find TJC Clearance Sale UNBELIEVABLE … £1 million worth of jewellery and gemstones in our vault must be sold in the next four days all to make way for the newest season of stock. Tune in right now for up to 90% off across our range. Gemstones, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Watches and

YAY! Its Pay Day!

YAY! Its Pay Day! With the month coming to an end and your wallets getting heavier. To celebrate this day we?re giving you something extra to be happy about. The gorgeous Circular Diamond Necklace at only £29.99! Go ahead treat yourself

Rachel Galley, The Raindrops Collection

The Jewellery Channel met up with contemporary jewellery designer Rachel Galley to have a quick catch up. Rachel’s modern and innovative work is at the cutting end of fashion and style while also being fun and funky to wear. Her work has been celebrated and awarded on a number of occasions, most recently Rachel was awarded ‘Catwalk

Read All About It…

I love auctions. There is always a great treasure to find, and the excitement rises as the time to the end of the auction draws closer. Today, while doing my browsing around I came across these 3 fabulous, must have auction items… Now, this classic emerald necklace will look gorgeous with your Little Black Dress…

64th Primetime Emmy Awards – True Blue!

Happy Monday all, I hope you are all having a great day, despite the mass influx of rain. A certain daily paper this weekend headlined “Winter To Blast In Early”, “oh no” you hear me screech. So to cheer myself up I have taken to the internet to see how the “stars” have lit up

Scintillating Citrine…

From deep cognac and sweet honey tones to yellow and gold hues, the sunny citrine radiates warm and positive energy. Citrine is know as the “success stone” and is thought that if you put a citrine in your cash register it will bring prosperity and abundance in business Citrine is a very durable gemstone that is readily available.