A SOCIAL EXCLUSIVE: Get Stacey’s Pick of the Day First!

  As you know TJC has a little treat up our sleeve for you, and we’ve been bugging you to keep an eye on our Twitter & Facebook for the last couple of days. Well, we’ve kept you guessing long enough – so is everybody all ears? Be sure to tune in to Stacey’s show

What’s Laura been up to?

What’s Laura been up to? Now we all know that the lovely Laura Schofield is a busy lady and has always got something on the go, but we asked her for a little bit of an exclusive…  Hello lovelies, Laura here! Did you manage to grab one of our fabulous Jewellery Channel tiaras? My auntie and I

Meet Anna Black, The Jewellery Channel’s newest addition.

Always trying to keep things new and fresh, let’s introduce Anna Black, our latest presenter extraordinaire. Anna will première on The Jewellery Channel at 2am this Friday 6th December. We’re really excited to have Anna join the team and can’t wait for her first show. Earlier this week we managed to have a quick chat with lovely Anna and

Hello Cape Town! News from Vicki Browne

Hi everyone, the Queen of Sparkle here! So as you know I’ve popped off (as you do) to sunny Cape Town. I arrived all safe and sound – it was a long haul; but this is only the first leg of my “Big African Adventure” so more travelling to get used to. So having arrived and

News from Vicki Browne

Hi lovely TJC viewers Can I just say a big sparkly thank you to all of you who very kindly donated funds to The Brain Tumour Charity last week. With your help I raised over £600 and the event itself managed to raise thousands more. Thank you. You have made a difference. Your money is

Vicki Browne – raising awareness for the Brain Tumour Charity

Hello Vicki, Queen of Sparkle here, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I won’t be on your TV screens in January and February as I’m going into hospital to have an operation. I wanted to share with you some of the challenges I’ve been facing over the last few years in

Meet Becky Booker

As you know our sister channel in the US, The Liquidation Channel often sends us some great surprises in the way of presenters. In the past we’ve had some fabulous guest presenters – Roxanne Wilson and Leigh-Anne Brown, LC’s very own “Queen of Diamonds” to name a couple. And now we look forward to meeting

Catch up with Carmel Thomas

Hello everyone! As you know the lovely Carmel has been with The Jewellery Channel a month now. So far we’ve had a fabulous time and we’re sure you have too. We asked Carmel to pop down some thoughts about her first month as well getting a little more insight into what makes Carmel tick! Hi

Derek Marks travels to India

A little earlier this month I was lucky enough to head out to India with our talented producer Paul. The main aim of our trip was to bring to life the TJC jewellery making process – to show you what inspires pieces, how they’re designed and meticulously handcrafted. It’s been just about a year since I made