TJC’s ultimate guide for surviving numerous weddings

It's time to dust off your fascinators and sort out your formal outfits; that's right, it's wedding season. Even if you aren't getting married this year, the chances are you'll be heading off for at least one wedding over the next few months, while some people may be going to several. Weddings are great fun,

TJC’s wedding guest savings guide

March is already heading into April, which means the chances are pretty high that you have at least one wedding to attend between now and the end of September.  With the start of spring comes the start of wedding season, with high numbers of people choosing to get married when there is a better chance

A Valentine’s proposal: Popping the question without being cheesy

The most romantic day of the year is almost here, giving every couple the chance to show their love and spoil each other. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many people will be gearing up to take the plunge and pop that all-important question. With February 14th being synonymous with love, it is no

Something old, something new, something different: Unusual engagement jewellery

If you're considering popping the question to your partner but they don't fancy wearing a ring all the time, you can find them something different. Whether their job means they can't wear rings or they simply find them uncomfortable, you can find some gorgeous alternative engagement jewellery with TJC. Who said it has to be

A perfect match: Finding the right wedding band for your engagement ring

Most people seem to think that choosing their engagement ring is the hard part, but selecting a wedding band that works with it can be even more difficult. Whether you choose your engagement ring with your partner or they select it for you, one of the last thoughts will be how it will look with

Bridesmaid chic for winter wonderland weddings

Winter is a beautiful time of year and inspires many weddings. While it may not have the sunshine of summer, it has snow, coloured fallen leaves and the bright lights of Christmas; all of which make it a very romantic time. It is no wonder then that many people choose to have wonderland weddings at

I’m dreaming of a sparkling Christmas: How to propose this December

Christmas can be a really romantic and magical period of the year. As well as towns being decked out in multicoloured lights, the possibility of snow and an excuse to give presents, it also brings with it the chance for romantic nights in front of the fire. If your partner loves Christmas, it could be

Alternative style: Engagement rings with a twist

Diamond rings have become a traditional part of every proposal. When asking for someone's hand in marriage it is now expected that you'll pop a sparkling ring on that hand.  However, more and more people are taking a different route when it comes to engagements and are shying away from the traditional diamonds. Instead, many