Charming charoite…

So are you looking for something new and exciting? A new gemstone to flaunt as we head into spring? Well what about this new little beauty, Charoite – not the easiest to pronounce, CHAR-oh-ite, but very easy to love. The Jewellery Channel is launching this fabulous little find on Friday 19th April on TV – not to worry though, you can grab some before the big show, head on over to our online Charoite collection.

Just a spring chicken: Beautiful purple charoite, a real baby in the gem world, having only been discovered in the 1940’s. And it wasn’t until 1978 that it was properly described and used as the gem we love today.

Where in the world: Charoite is not only a youngst but a bit of an oddity too, as it is only found in one place in the world; the Sakha Republic in Russia, near the Chara river – hence the name Charoite. Although mined in only one place, it is found in large deposits, which means its really great value for money – lucky for us!


Colour crush: Charoite has a silky shiny lustre to it, and is predominantly purple, but is known to have swirling patterning of black, brown, white and lilac within the stone.

Sweet dreams: Charoite is known as the “soul” stone, being able to promote deep physical and emotional healing. Place a piece of Charoite under your pillow and it’ll ward off nightmares and whisk you off into a dreamy slumber land.

Have you ever bought some Charoite? Are you going to? Let us know below.

Love TJC x

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