Chocolate coloured gems for Chocolate Week

This week London has dedicated a whole week to celebrate delicious chocolate, yes it’s London Chocolate week this week and we are in the midst of it. You don’t have to miss out either, it doesn’t matter if you live in London or not, if it’s regarding chocolate then it involves everyone, so you can celebrate too!

We love chocolate because it smells good, tastes good, there’s many variations and flavours, you can use it to make other foods taste amazing, and at times it’s our comfort food. When we think about it, it really brings us all the joys our most prized gemstones do… so, why do you love chocolate?

There are some similar qualities between chocolate and gems though, so we’ve picked our favourite brown coloured gems especially for you.

Agate – Known as nature’s beauty, agate is a gem that holds mesmerizing patterns that are instantly recognisable. Although we are loving the brown colour variation of agate this stone can be found in a number of other colours including yellow, orange, pink, black and even multi coloured.

Carnelian – This stone has rich warm red and brown hues which lends to its stunning colour. Carnelian is fairly resistant to daily wear and tear sitting around 6.5/7 on the Mohs scale. Throughout history this stone has been believed to hold mystical powers

Hessonite – A mineral belonging to the garnet family, this gem come in a fabulous range of warm colours including a rich red-brown to dark orange to a honey-yellow that display a high refraction index. Hessonite is appealingly affordable compared with many other gems despite its deep colour. This gem is thought to bring success and wealth and increase your life span.

Tiger’s Eye –This gem is part of the quartz family. Displaying the richest colours and textures this gem is has a shiny lustre along with a deep red/orange and black pattern reminiscent of a fierce tiger’s eye.

Brown Glass – Brown glass is a great way to indulge in a deeply hued colour and loads of sparkle if you dont want to indulge in different gems. Pick glass to add loads of sparkle to your jewellery pieces.

Which stones will you be treating yourself to, this week as we celebrate Chocolate Week.

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