Colors of Gold

Gold is one of the finest metals used in jewellery making. We commonly think that gold only comes in yellow hue but there are other colors of gold. These gold hues vary in color, composition and value. Here are some of the most popular gold hues that are commonly used in making jewellery pieces:

Rose Gold

Solitaire Peruvian Pink Opal Rose Gold Ring

The rose gold was prevalent during the 19th century and it was known as ‘Russian Gold’. It features a reddish hue thus the name rose gold. Rose gold is a mixture of gold and copper. It has 25% copper and 75% gold. Many women love rose gold because of it’s vintage vibe. Rose gold jewellery pieces are classic and chic.

GENOA Rose Gold Stainless Steel

Red Gold

Red gold is redder than rose gold, and it is a mixture of 50% gold and 50% copper. When more copper is added to gold, it produces a redder hue.


White Gold

ILIANA Diamond (1.27 Ct) 18K W Gold Ring

Diamond 14K White Gold Earrings

White gold can be produced when mixed with other metals like silver, palladium, nickel and more. White gold rings are popular for men because it’s versatile and simple.

Yellow Gold

ILIANA Diamond 18Karat Yellow Gold Pendant

Yellow gold is one of the most popular colors of gold. It features a stunning hue that every jewellery collectors love. The purity of yellow gold can be measured in karats. It is available in 10karats, 14karats and 18karats. Since gold is a very soft metal it needs to be mixed with other metals for durability.

Iliana Diamond Yellow Gold Ring




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