The Deeanna Bag

Here at TJC Towers we like to think of ourselves as a close knit family.

Which is where our buyer, Yi, drew her latest inspiration – people in the office.

This month all the women in the office were gushing over the brand new Deeanna bag, without even noticing it was actually named after one of our very own Deeanna from Marketing!

I spoke to Yi, to get some more information about her decision to name the Deeanna bag, Deeanna, and also quiz  when the rest of us would be getting a stylish handbag named after us…

What was your inspiration for this handbag?

My inspiration for this bag was all about focusing on the Christmas season. I love a decent sized bag that can be styled in the day, but which could also transition into a fab piece that can be easily picked up and styled in the evening.

Why did you name this bag Deeanna… after our lovely Deanna?

Well… I love her name. And this bag reminds me of her, petite, sweet, positive and always smiling. She’s my girl crush!

Over Christmas, Deeanna has come into the Office in Christmas Jumpers, tinsel and bauble earrings. She personifies Christmas, which is why I thought it would be cool to name a bag that great for the Christmas party season after her.

Will you be naming any other bags after women in the office?

Definitely! I think it’s a fun way to produce different styled bags, while also representing a woman at TJC, and bring her to the television. We all get along so well, that its just fun to put someone in the limelight.

So, what do you love about the Deeanna bag, and why should people covet its style into the New Year?

The design is sleek and combines timeless elegance. It features a removable shoulder strap making it easy to take off and transfer from day time glamour to evening.

Colour wise, I chose bang on trend monochrome and a cherry Christmas red to complement any outfits you wear over the season.

Shop our Deeanna bags as well as other handbags now… and keep an eye out for more fabulous bags named after the TJC team… I’m waiting for mine now Yi!

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