TJC’s Diamond Desires

Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend!! Diamonds will always take a woman’s breath away. Their beauty has entranced and besotted us for centuries, in fact for about 3000 years, when they were discovered in India in 800 BC.  It was only in the 1400s that diamonds were cut and polished, before then, they were worn in their rough form. So really, this is when we find diamonds exploding in their popularity; finding their way into many a royal crowns and aristocrat’s jewels.

In 1477 a romantic Austrian noble, Archduke Maximilian decided to give his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy, a diamond ring when he proposed to her. The idea of the “diamond” engagement caught on and has been popular ever since.

So what exactly is a diamond? Well, for all intents and purposes is pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring mineral known to man. Surprisingly, the only thing separating the precious stone from coal is its molecular structure.

The Elizabeth Taylor Krupp Diamond, a gift given to her by her beloved Richard Burton in May 1968.
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Celebrities are lavish spenders when it comes to jewellery and especially diamonds and you will often see the likes of Keira Knightly, Charlize Theron and Beyonce flaunting them around the red carpets of Hollywood. Probably the most famous celebrity diamonds are those that were worn by Elizabeth Taylor, the 33 carat Krupp Diamond and the even bigger 69 carats Taylor Burton Diamond. But if it makes you feel any better, what you see the celebrities wearing on the red carpet aren’t always theirs. More often than not the diamonds they have on belong to the “jewellers to the stars”  like Harry Winston and are on loan and go back to the vault in the morning!

Now, what about investing in diamonds? How do you know what to look for? And how to get the best diamond for your money? Follow the 4 C’s – Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat!

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