Diamonds Rule the Roost

Still no reply, so I sigh and venture down the lonely route of making a decision on my lonesome. I tried the chocolate express with a smile and glint of depreciative glory, but alas, she was less than impressed. I asked why, she said why not… a diamond from an auction would colour both sides of the pretty paper we are drawing upon. So decision pending no more…I will embrace my fancies fancy for the four C’s. But how much to spend? Here in lies the new rub.

If I mortgage the yacht and purchase the perfect princess cut, she will think I am floundering on foolishness. But if I auction my austerity on a one pound bid, will she think I am a careless whisper. Oh no, the trials and tribulations of undying love continue to plague my means to an end. Advice dear ladies of TJC, I am lost in translation.

Signing Out
Simple Simon

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