Getting the most from your manicure: Must-know nailcare tips

After months of getting all wrapped up with layers of cosy knitwear, it’s time to take off the mittens and gloves and flaunt a brand new set of jazzy nails.

SS16 is now in full swing and so what better way is there to welcome the new season than with a brand new manicure?

Pastel nail colours such as pale pink, blue and turquoise are some of the more common favourites for the coming season. However, recent catwalk trends have seen many metallic glaze, matte and glitter styles.

Changes in temperature, light exposure and weather are all factors that may have an effect on your nails in the coming weeks, so it’s important to keep them in the best condition during this time.

Here are some must-know nail tips which will help keep your nails in the best condition this spring.


To get the most from your manicure, in the lead up to the event, make sure you apply nail strengthener so that when you do get your nails painted or gelled, your natural nail is strong and able to cope with any damaging ingredients.

You can often buy two-in-one nail strengthener, which provides a base coat, a great option that will prevent your nails from getting stained once nail varnish is applied.

Just before your manicure, make sure you clean your nails thoroughly, in order to remove any traces of dirt or previous nail products. Nevertheless, when cleaning your nails, remember they are delicate, so don’t be too harsh when scrubbing off dirt, as it can lead to infection.


Once you’ve got your chosen set of fab spring nails it’s time to flaunt them! Show them off with the latest SS16 accessories and jewellery.

Nothing compliments a fresh manicure better than a sparkling ring or perhaps an elegant bracelet. Our White Gold certified diamond ring found here will match perfectly with with metallic gold and silver nail paint colours.

For a brighter spring look, and to really make a statement, why not match pale pastel nails with our turquoise Arizona Sleeping Beauty Diamond Cuff Bangle, which will draw attention to your manicure during the day.

Nail paint, gel and acrylics come in all different shapes and shades, and so to find jewellery and accessories that compliment your nails the best, take a look at our accessory range to find out what works for you.


A common misconception when it comes to nailcare, is that many believe that after a manicure we should leave nails untouched. However, to maintain that fresh manicured look, it is important to keep your nails well-maintenanced.

If nails begin to look weak or are prone to snapping, make sure you trim them, as this will help maintain nail strength.

Although long nails may look healthy, this is not always the case and so it is important to cater the length of your nails to how they grow. If they are generally weak, keep them mid-length which will, in time, keep them generally stronger, not to mention that shorter nails can look neater and are much easier to manage.

In addition, for emergency breakages, carry a nail file in your bag so that if you spot any snags, you can file them before they split, which will ensure your manicure lasts longer.


Once your nails are past their sell by date, it is crucial that you remove your manicure properly as this is often when nails are exposed to the most damage.

If you’ve gone for a simple nail polish manicure, remove the paint with remover that also mosturises the nail to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Make sure you massage argan oil into the cuticle which could also be affected by your manicure.

When taking off acrylic or gel nails, removal is even more important and it is often recommended that this is done professionally. If not, gel nails should be soaked in acetone for about half an hour: dip cotton wool into the acetone and place on the nail, then wrap tinfoil around the nail to secure the cotton and prevent the acetone from drying up.

Our Nail Care for Post Artificial and Gel Nails are a great solution to damaged or weak nails.

Once your manicure is all gone, to ensure your nails remain strong, remember to give them a break! For a week or so after, avoid using dark coloured nail paints or avoid using varnish all together.

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