How to pick the perfect engagement ring

So you've met your perfect partner and want to take the plunge and get down on one knee to ask them that all important question. You might be considering how you're going to propose in order to make it memorable; but before any of that, you need to find the perfect ring.

You could have the perfect proposal all planned out, but if the ring you've got ready in your pocket doesn't work with your partner's style or isn't to their taste, it could throw a huge spanner in the works. 

This is why it is important to find the ring before planning anything else. But exactly how do you ensure that the engagement ring you pick is one your partner will be happy to wear forever?

What's their style?

Start by thinking about what your partner's style is. Knowing what jewellery they tend to wear and how they like to dress will help give you an idea of the type of ring they will love. After all, you don't want to get a huge flashy rock if your partner likes to be more understated.

Pay attention to what they wear on a daily basis as this will allow you to see if there are any recurring themes, such as small details or a particular colour. You may not think so now, but this information can help you when it comes to picking a ring.

Get their opinion

This doesn't mean giving the game away and spilling all the details about your proposal. Instead, try and find ways to subtly ask them about their opinions on certain pieces. 

If they read celeb mags, for example, point out someone's ring and say you either like or dislike it. They're likely to give their opinion on it, which can help inform the style of ring you choose. 

Ask friends or family

Out of all your partner's friends and family, there is sure to be someone you can go to to ask about the type of engagement ring they would like. If you are too nervous about giving the game away by trying to get information from your partner, talking to their best mate or mum could be the best option.

They'll likely have more information on your partner's tastes or can find subtle ways to find out what they want. They can then pass the info on to you or even go ring shopping with you to help.

Choose the right stone

You might think that engagement rings have to feature diamonds, but this isn't necessarily the case, especially if your partner doesn't like diamonds. 

Engagement rings can feature any stone at all, which means you have more to choose from and can ensure your selection totally reflects your partner. It also means you can find a stone that better suits your budget, which can reduce a bit of stress.

It also means you can choose more unusual shapes, which can really allow you to match the ring to your partner.

See what's available

It's a good idea to have a look around and see what sort of rings are available. This will help you to see what you like, but you'll also be able to tell what your partner will and won't like. 

Ring shopping doesn't mean you have to buy something, so you shouldn't feel pressured by anyone into picking just any ring. Take your time and look at different styles and stones to find the one that really catches your eye. 

Trust your gut instinct

If you think that you've found the perfect ring, then the chances are it is the perfect ring. You can still look at others to make sure, but if you keep coming back to the same one or using it as the benchmark to judge others by, then you have already made your choice. 

Once you've picked the ring, don't second guess yourself as you'll start to doubt that you've got it right. Instead, start focusing on how you're going to ask the all-important question and the rest will fall into place. 

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