The Humble beginnings: Celebrating the first big win of women

A perfect day to shed some light on the history of women’s day and how this beautiful day started!

All over the years, the jewels and jewellery were believed to represent the grace, elegance and wealth but it is very seldom when the jewellery is used to support a cause and represent a poignant movement. These rare gems and jewellery below are a very gentle reminder of the struggle faced by the women in history for their right to vote. It is the struggle and sweat of women suffragists that now the women are equally recognized as men. Embracing the contemporary fashion and the delicate femininity, the popular suffragette group – the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) claimed the colour green, white and violet to represent their notion of a right to vote and equality as men back in 1908. It was back then, when a primary founder of the political movement Emmaline Pankhurst, mobilised women of the upper-middle classes to form the WSPU. The organization later structured the public events and marches to assert their right to vote, to gain the attention of the press, they even had hunger strikes and very never afraid to speak for their right. The members in the WSPU were quoted to be treated with hostility and anger by their male mates and hence had a common centre of linking with the rights. Denoting to the group’s identity, the suffragette jewellery became a significant part of the WSPU and using the trio of colours, the group soon was able to further spread the cause. This women’s day embrace the colours and spread the message- Green for ‘give’, White for ‘Women’ and Violet for ‘Vote’, dive through history and experience the notion of suffragette jewellery!

Jewels dedicated to the cause:

Green- Symbolising to hope, the green colour to the women back then also stood as an emblem for spring. As gorgeous as the colour is, they wore it very proudly to express their thoughts. The green coloured Emerald was very fondly used by the women in WSPU. Other than Emerald jewellery, some gorgeous green gemstones you can buy this women’s day can be:

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Brazilian Emerald Floral Stud Earrings

Grandidierite and Diamond Halo Pendant in 14K Gold

Chinese Peridot Ring, Earring and Pendant with Chain Set

Russian Diopside and Black Spinel Solitaire Design Ring


White: No protest is every complete without peace and hence this colour was picked to represent the movement. The white colour was believed to Deonte purity and hence was deeply connected to every woman in the WSPU. The ladies used pearl jewellery to signify purity in private and public life and hence the white colour played a crucial role in the world of suffragette jewellery.

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Natural Pink and White Diamond Cluster Pendant in 9K Rose Gold

Diamond Snowflake Cluster Stud Earrings

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Stacker Bangle in Gold Plated Silver

Alexandrite and Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver


Violet: Bright and mesmerizing, the violet colour wad believed to represent the loyalty and hence was sought to be very important factor while working in a team or group. Along with the faithfulness, the violet colour also indicated the dignity and freedom. It is the colour of luxury and hence is very ideal to boost up the confidence and represent one’s grandeur.

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Natural Anahi Ametrine and Zircon Solitaire Pendant With Chain

Edison Purple Pearl Stud Earrings

Kunzite and Burmese Ruby with Cambodian Zircon Halo Pendant

Amethyst and Tsavorite Garnet Solitaire Design Ring in 9K Gold


Inspired by the historical pieces of jewellery, the Suffragettes were very successful in standing up for their right. Their struggle and protests bought the major breakthrough during the first world war when men of Britain were sent to fight and many women had to perform the traditional job destined for men. Hence later in 1918, women over thirty were given the right to vote and later in 1928, all women over 21 were granted with same and were recognized equal to men.


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