I’m dreaming of a sparkling Christmas: How to propose this December

Christmas can be a really romantic and magical period of the year. As well as towns being decked out in multicoloured lights, the possibility of snow and an excuse to give presents, it also brings with it the chance for romantic nights in front of the fire.

If your partner loves Christmas, it could be the perfect time to add a bit more magic to the period by popping the question. Whether you want to go for a festive-themed proposal or opt for something different this December, you could give them a Christmas they'll never forget.

So how do you make the most of Christmas when it comes to getting down on one knee? We've got some great ideas that are guaranteed to get your partner to say yes.

Decorative engagement

If you and your partner enjoy putting your Christmas decorations up together, this could provide the perfect opportunity for you to pop the question.

You can hide the engagement ring inside a tree ornament and pop it in the box with your usual decorations or put it on the tree. 

The bauble should stand out from your other decorations so as to draw attention to it; that way, when you are putting everything up, it will catch your partner's attention. 

When they pick it up and have a look, you can get down on one knee and ask them that all important question.

Alternatively, you can put the ring box inside a clear bauble so it is obvious straight away what it is.

An extra special gift

This is one of the more obvious options; after all, presents are synonymous with Christmas. However, you can make it a bit more interesting than just presenting your partner with a ring box.

Why not create a Russian doll-style gift by putting increasingly smaller boxes inside a large box? This will make it look like you have bought them something huge before they slowly get through all the layers and discover the ring, at which point you can ask the question.

Treasure hunt

Another great way to create a fun and festive proposal is to create a treasure hunt for Christmas day. Hide hints around the house – maybe with the first appearing in a stocking at the end of the bed – that she has to solve in order to get to the next one.

The final hint can be the opening lines of your proposal, giving you the chance to get down on one knee, pull out the ring and finish what is written in the clue.

A series of presents

Another great gift idea is to wrap up several presents and number them. That way you can split up your proposal by putting notes in each gift to spell out the question 'will you marry me?'.

You can use five gifts and put one word in each box and the ring in the last, or wrap three presents so the 'will you' is in the first box, the 'marry me' is in the second and the question mark and ring are in the third. 

Light it up

If you can't wait until Christmas day, why not propose beforehand in lights? You can use fairy lights to spell out your question on your roof or the side of your house so it is visible when they get home in the evening. 

Just make sure you know when they'll be returning home so you can have the lights turned on and be waiting for them to get back.

A message in the snow

If you're lucky enough to get snow this December, you could always use it as part of your proposal. 

You could surprise her in the morning by writing your proposal in the snow and get her to open the curtains and look outside. You can either be inside with her or standing outside next to your message to make sure she sees it.

If you don't get snow, you could get a similar effect at night by writing out your proposal with candles – just make sure you remember to blow them out! 

Christmas Jumper

Our final idea is to have a custom Christmas jumper made with your proposal on the front. You can either wear it or give it to her as a pre-Christmas gift. 

If you choose to wear your proposal on a jumper, you could have one made for her that says 'yes', giving you a great photo opportunity.

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