Jewellery Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Had Known!

There is nothing like the sparkle and shine of new jewellery! We all love some blingy and glimmering delights, don’t we? However, much to our disappointment, some of them seem to lose glamour over the years. The jewellery now is dull, dirty, and not as bright. But it does have some great memories attached and great value, too. Not a worry, folks! We have some life-changing jewellery cleaning hacks that will restore the glitz and glamour of your favourite jewellery pieces and that too in no time at all!


Going gets tough when you find out just how much professionals charge to clean your trinket. Of course, you can’t be paying a hand and a foot to get your silver ring cleaned! To your rescue, our jewellery cleaning hacks are all inexpensive and done using the things you’ll probably already find at home. Restore that indulgent sparkle and do it in a way that doesn’t hit your pockets, too! You may also use this powerful cleaner kit called Caribbean Gems Jewelry Cleaning Kit


Every different jewellery piece different care routine. Every stone has its own features and weaknesses, and so do the choices of metals. We must be very careful while cleaning the expensive jewellery pieces, so we don’t cause these sparklers any harm instead.


Diamond Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Diamond Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Yes, diamond is the strongest crystal on the Earth and virtually nothing can shatter or scratch it. However, it still needs special attention and care when you’re cleaning it. You may see a lot of hacks that use beer or coloured solutions for cleaning jewellery. We’d suggest you stay away from them. The best way to clean diamond jewellery is:


Dish-soap and Warm Water

The best way to clean diamond jewellery is by using this simple trick.

  • Just take a glass container and fill it up with warm-to-hot water.
  • Add a few drops of dishwashing soap in and stir till it dissolves.
  • Gently place your diamond ring or diamond earrings in this liquid and let it stay for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Take a toothbrush and gently scrape off grime and dirt, using light-hand strokes.
  • Rinse the jewellery under flowing water (be careful so it doesn’t slip from your hands.)
  • Pat dry and see it sparkle back to how it was!


Silver Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Silver Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Silver jewellery quickly loses its shine. The surface seems to lose its vibrancy and over time, you see it turn into an unwearable shade of black. However, it doesn’t mean that your jewellery is now ruined permanently. You can use this simple trick to make it shine and sparkle again!


Aluminium Foil and Baking Soda

These two simple at-home picks can make your sterling silver jewellery shine exactly the way it did when you bought it. Here’s how to go about it:


  • Line a broad-mouth bowl with aluminium foil and fill it with boiling water.
  • Put one full cup of baking soda in the water.
  • Drop your silver pendant or ring in this. Keep the jewellery moving so the baking soda can reach all sides.
  • Let it rest in that mixture for a few minutes, then rinse it under flowing water.
  • Pat dry and, voila, it’s back to being perfect!


Solid Gold Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Gold Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Gold jewellery is fabulously treasure-worthy, and we all know it. But when it loses it shine, it doesn’t look all that expensive and elite. In fact, it begins to look like an alloy or fake.  Fret not, we have a solution for that. You can now bring back the glamour using this simple hack!


Beer for Gold Jewellery

A chilled bottle of ale doesn’t just taste good but also had miraculous cleaning benefits. You can restore your favourite gold earrings or gold ring using this simple trick:


  • All you need to do is wet a soft cloth using a bit of beer. If possible, opt for light-coloured beer. This jewellery cleaning hack is only for solid gold jewellery. Do not use it if there are stones in the jewellery!
  • Using soft hand, rub the cloth over the jewellery piece. You’ll slowly notice that your gold is back to its treasure shine!


In fact, here are some more tips, which would help the gold become Godlier – Tips in Cleaning Gold Jewellery


Coloured Gemstones Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Coloured Gemstones Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

While a diamond is a strong and resilient gemstone, others have a weaker make. These gems tend to lose their sparkle over time, due to the collection of dirt, grime, and others. They also seem to get scratches and look blurry. You can find the best solution for getting rid of that here:


Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Yes, the first things you use in the morning are also the firsts you can think of when you’re cleaning your jewellery pieces! Find out how to go about it:


  • Dampen your choice of jewellery. This hack is for coloured gemstones jewellery like tanzanite rings, sapphire earrings, garnet pendants, or others.
  • Dab toothpaste onto the piece and gently use a toothbrush to scrape off the dirt collected. Use light hand strokes so that you don’t disturb the placement of the stone.
  • Rinse under flowing water and your jewellery glitter just the way it used to!


Pearl Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Pearl Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

The effervescent grace and class of pearls seem almost incomplete when they lose their lustre. But no more! Now you can make them appear like a silky dream back and here’s how:


Mild Shampoo and Warm Water

There are some cautionary details that you need to pay attention to while cleaning your pearl jewellery. Never submerge your pearl necklace in water for long periods of time as it will weaken the thread. You shouldn’t use strong detergent to clean the pearl, neither should you use an abrasive cloth to clean. The trick is easy, quick, and simple.


  • In a small bowl, add water warm and a few drops of mild shampoo. Mix well.
  • Dab a soft cloth in this soapy water, absorb the fluid, and wipe your pearl jewellery with this cloth. Use light and gentle strokes; pearls are delicate gems.
  • Use another damp cloth to clean away this soapy liquid and pat dry. Let your jewellery completely dry out before putting it on or away.


Taking care of your natural pearls is extremely important. Here’s a helpful guide on how to do it right – 5 Efficient Hacks for Taking Care of Pearls


Platinum Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

Platinum Jewellery Cleaning Hacks

The brilliant thing about platinum is that it never wears down and it doesn’t oxidize as well. Meaning, platinum jewellery essentially never permanently loses its shine. However, with daily wear, it does seem to collect dirt and dust, and we have just the hacks to take care of it. Here’s how:


Sugar + Baking Soda + Vinegar

While platinum never loses its shine, it does seem to look a little dull because of fingerprints, oil, dirt, and dust. Don’t worry, there is a simple hack to clean it and make it look brand new again.


  • Line a big-mouth bowl with aluminium foil. Make sure that it’s neatly and securely done.
  • Add boiling water to the bowl, followed by a cup of baking soda and sugar.
  • Place your platinum ring or platinum chain in the liquid and let it stay. Please note that this hack is for only the jewellery that doesn’t have any gemstones embellished in it.
  • Add a half a cup of vinegar to this solution, which will activate the base and offer thorough cleaning of your jewellery. Let the jewellery stay in it for 10-20 minutes.
  • When you’re done, take the jewellery piece out, rinse under flowing water, and pat dry.

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