Jewellery of Seasons – Top 5 Winter Stones

Winters are here, and we couldn’t have waited for them a second longer! Welcome the cosy warmth and chilly frosts. Encapsulated in the beauty of snow, the world seems so much more beautiful! And with the new season comes new stones! Find below a list of the best stones of seasons in our list, featuring the much loved and adored Winter Stones.


What are the Winter Stones?

It’s really simple, come to think of it. Every gemstone that represents winter or brings a sense of warmth is considered to be under winter stones. Be it the aquatic blues or hues of snowflakes and glaciers, even the colours of warming Sun, these stones reflect it all! Look at the range of options that you can wear, paired with stunning designs, all below:



Labradorite ring for winter stones
Natural Spectrolite, White Topaz Ring

The said stone holds idyllic hues of winter, making it the best of winter stones! It has a picturesque polychromatic quality, which means that it reflects different colours when viewed from different angles. Best known to represent the charm and magic of Northern Lights, this labradorite jewellery is something you must own this winter season!



Citrine earrings in winter stones
Baltic Amber, Madeira Citrine Earrings

The stone that looks like the Sun! In ancient legends, it was believed that Amber Jewellery holds the powers of Sun, making it a source of natural warmth and incandescence. It seems plausible, seeing that it has a naturally glowing colour with the almost golden aura surrounding it. It’s just that property, which makes amber one of the best winter stones in our collection.



Aquamarine ring in winter stones
AA Brazilian Aquamarine and Cambodian Zircon Halo Ring

Of course, winters go amiss if you haven’t clasped on aquamarine jewellery. Borrowing its grace, style, and crystal beauty from the glaciers, this among winter stones is a must-have for all seasons, not just this. The swoon-worthy clarity paired with the most revelling hue, the selection of aquamarine rings or aquamarine pendants adds the ice look to your ensemble.



Diamonds pendant in winter stones
Diamond Heart Pendant

No stone for any season is complete without the bling of diamonds! And that’s why they’re the top picks of our winter stones! Clasp on your best friends and forever companions with a selection of diamond jewellery. The besotted clarity and colours of this stone make it one extremely sought-after sight and for good reason! This winter go diamond!



Citrine pendant in winter stones
AAAA Citrine and White Topaz Halo Pendant

Sun comes enclosed in the golden magic of Citrine. With the vibrant and glowing yellow colour, this stone remains an eternal part of our winter stones. This season, invest in some stunning citrine jewellery ideas like citrine rings or citrine earrings. A top pick for this frosty winter, we’re hoping that the glowing warmth of this stone will provide you with some comfort.

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