Make it special: Celebrate Valentine’s with a difference

While it's nice to do something special as a couple for Valentine's Day, doing the traditional meal and flowers can get a bit stale. This tends to be the standby for every couple on February 14th, which means you usually end up fighting through crowds of loved-up people in the evening.

This kind of takes away some of the romance; after all, you want to be able to enjoy a leisurely meal, not be rushed out quickly to make room for the next diners. 

Rather than sticking with the norm, why not do something a bit different? There isn't a rule that says your Valentine's Day has to be spent doing a certain thing, which means you can personalise it and think outside of the box.

Here are some unusual ways to spend your February 14th that could help make it a more memorable day:

Make it fun

Forget the evening, you want to make your Valentine's celebration all about having fun in the day. Do something fun that you have wanted to do together for a while, or even that you enjoyed previously but haven't done in a while.

You could go to a theme park to ride rollercoasters, get in your car and go for a mystery drive to see where you turn up, or get messy by going quad biking or paintballing. So long as you both enjoy the activity, you'll have loads of fun.

This might not sound like Valentine's Day, but it is still about your being together as a couple and enjoying each other's company. It also means there's less pressure on you both being super romantic.

Movie marathon

Don't fancy going out for Valentine's Day? Don't! Stay at home and be lazy with your partner. A movie marathon with tasty snacks and treats can be just as much fun as going out.

Grab your duvet, stay in your PJs and veg out on the sofa with your partner. All you need is some food supplies and a stack of DVDs, although you should aim to steer clear of anything mushy and romantic.

Maybe each choose a film that you like but the other half hasn't watched, that way you get to enjoy something they do and experience for the first time with the one you love.

Go shopping

If you're stuck on what to buy each other this Valentine's Day, leave the surprise gift out altogether and simply head to the shops with each other. Just set a budget and then you can buy the things your partner picks out. 

You'll also be able to make a day of it by stopping for lunch and having a look around at what is going on in your local area. The atmosphere is likely to be really good no matter where you are, so you'll be able to enjoy feeling happy with your partner.

See the family

Valentine's Day is all about making an effort for those you love, so why not extend this to your family as well as your other half? Visit your friends and family just to say to hello. If you haven't seen someone in a while this is likely to really brighten their day.

If you want to make it a bit more special or mark Valentine's Day with each visit, why not take everyone a single red rose of box of chocolates? This is a really low cost way to put a smile on people's faces, especially if they aren't expecting it.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day, remember that it's all about showing that special someone what they mean to you. You can do this in whatever way you want, so why not try something a bit different?

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