Making your mani pop: The right rings for your colour

There's no denying the summer season puts everyone in high spirits, with many jetting off to exotic locations or simply making the most of the great outdoors by hosting barbecues in their garden.

Whatever your plans are this summer, you're bound to have your seasonal wardrobe at the ready; but a fresh, summer wardrobe doesn't come complete without adding a few accessories and beauty touches, which means you'll want your manicure to be on point too.

Matching your nail varnish to your outfit is the first part of the glamming-up process, but of course, you've also got to make sure your jewellery complements your talons. When people look at your nails, they'll notice any rings you are wearing, meaning it's important to make them match.

If you're wondering how to make your mani pop, check out our selection of rings to match your nail colour:

Letterbox red

It's hard to go wrong with a classic, letterbox red nail varnish. The colour itself oozes elegance and class, as well as holding associations with 1920s glamour icons like Marilyn Monroe.

Red nails look stunning when worn with an all-black ensemble, such as an evening dress or jumpsuit. What's more, you can introduce accessories in the same red hue as your nails, such as a clutch bag, stiletto heels and a slick of lipstick.

When it comes to finger jewellery, our Mozambique Garnet Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver is the perfect touch. The cluster of red diamonds will sparkle their way through the night, as well as highlighting your fresh mani.

Neon yellow

If you live by the mantra, the bolder the better, then you're probably no stranger to neon yellow.

While you might frequently flaunt a neon yellow number from your wardrobe, why not add a couple of coats of the bright hue to your nails too? It'll certainly catch the eye of those around, as well as ensure you're perfectly on-trend for the summer season.

Think long, lazy days by the clear blue sea with a cocktail in hand and your yellow nails making a big statement. And what better to complete the look than our Yellow Fluorite, Indian Garnet and White Topaz Ring?

The oversized fluorite crystal boasts a vibrant and beautiful shade of yellow that will look great against tanned skin and neon nails.

Cornflower blue

With pastel shades being on the fashion scene for a while now, there's no sign of them going away anytime soon. That's great news for us because here at TJC we can't get enough of delicate pastel tones, be it in our clothes, jewellery and even hair!

One pastel shade we're loving right now is cornflower blue. This shade is cute, feminine and ideal for summer. Gingham prints comprised of white and cornflower blue are super summery and are a great festival look.

What's more, the blue hue looks awesome on nails, so we recommend you don't waste time in painting them. If you're wondering how to really make your talons stand out, our Capri Blue Quartz and White Sapphire Ring will certainly do the trick. The square cut of the crystal differs from the traditional circle or oval-shaped rock, making it a truly unique piece of jewellery.

Pretty in pink

If you consider yourself a girly girl, you're sure to love a bit of pink. Similar to red, pink also looks great against black, but this summer you should pair your pink mani with an all-white ensemble.

White and pink presents a sweet, candy, retro vibe that is sure to get you noticed in the summer sun.

After painting your nails in a few coats of pink polish, pop on our Pink Sapphire Crossover Ring and you'll no doubt steal the show. The stacked effect of the pink sapphires is truly stunning and creates the illusion of the popular multi-ring trend.

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