Necklace or earrings: What does your look need to make a statement?

When it comes to accessorising your look, a piece of jewellery can really make you look and feel one million dollars. While you might keep your accessories to a minimum during the day, dressing up on an evening is the perfect excuse to go all out and really glam up your nighttime look.

You've probably had that feeling where you put your outfit on, but just feel that something is missing. This is where adding a piece of jewellery can really make all the difference. After all, it's great to make a statement through your style, as this is what sets you apart from everyone else.

Choosing a piece of jewellery to complement your look can sometimes be tricky because while it's good to jazz up an outfit, it's equally important to not go too over the top. Since your ears and decolletage are in close proximity, wearing both a statement pair of earrings and necklace can look a bit full-on, taking away the individual beauty of each piece.

Instead, choose one or the other, making your choice based around your outfit. For instance, if your dress or top has a high neckline or features a bold print, opt for a statement pair of earrings.

For those who are attracted to all things that sparkle and shine, our Crystal Chandelier Gold Earrings will really steal the show. The intricate detailing is ideal for wear when celebrating a special occasion, while the drop-crystal style will make you look elegant and chic.

Crystals aren't the only way to make a statement though, so if you prefer something a little more unique, our Peacock Wings Earrings are a beautiful touch and tie in with the on-trend boho style.

On the other hand, if your top or dress boasts a low neckline, a statement necklace will work perfectly. We're certain you'll love our Blue, Green and Pink Crystal Gold Necklace. The stunning colours are fitting for the summer season and will no doubt draw attention to the eye for all the right reasons.

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