NYE handbag must-haves

December isn’t just all about Christmas, it is also about saying goodbye to 2015 in style. New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to put on your gladrags and hit the town.

Whether you’re having a party or braving the cold, you definitely want to be prepared for the night. Having a killer outfit and great accessories is just the start though, as you should also ensure you’ve got everything you might need in your handbag.

It really does pay to be prepared, so make sure you’ve got these items to hand this NYE:

Portable charger

There’s nothing worse than needing to find your friends or call a taxi only to find that your mobile phone has died. Save yourself the stress of trying to remember people’s numbers or having to line up at a busy taxi rank in order to get home by taking a portable charger with you.

These are really small and are incredibly handy on nights out. If you notice your battery is getting low, just plug in the charger and put everything back in your bag until you need your phone.

As well as being practical, this could help you feel much safer when out on NYE, as you know you can reach people if you need to.

Spare cash

It is far too easy to put all the money you’ll be spending in your purse and then realise that you don’t have enough cash to pay for your taxi. Rather than putting everything in one place, set aside your taxi fare in a compartment in your handbag – it’s best if it has a zip to stop you losing it – and then you know you can get home.

Flat shoes

While your heels may look awesome at the start of the night, you’ll probably find that you start to hate them toward the end. Rather than struggling to walk in them when you can barely feel your toes or taking them off and risking going barefoot, take a pair of flat shoes with you.

These can be simple dolly shoes that are easy to slip in your handbag without taking up loads of space. So long as they’re comfortable, it doesn’t matter how they look.

Compact mirror

Save yourself the queue to check your makeup in the bathroom by taking a compact with you. We all know that the toilets in pubs and clubs can get manic on NYE, so a compact mirror can make all the difference.

Any time you’re not queueing up is time you could be dancing, so being able to touch up your lippy quickly is a good shout in our book!

A good handbag

Of course, in order to be able to take everything you need out with you on New Year’s Eve, you need a good handbag!

Ideally, you should take a bag that has a bit of extra room so you know you can pop everything in. While a small clutch bag may look great with your outfit, you probably won’t fit everything in it, which could cause issues.

Medium handbags are a great choice as they still look good with partywear but are big enough that you don’t need to leave something essential at home.

Have a look at our great range of handbags to find the perfect addition to your NYE look.

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