Hues of Gold – Different gold colours at TJC

Gold is one of the finest metals used in jewellery making. We commonly think that gold only comes in yellow hue but there are other gold colours. These gold hues vary in intensity, composition as well as value. Here are some of the most popular gold colours that are commonly used in making jewellery pieces: Rose

Tips in Cleaning Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is timeless and classic, but it’s not necessary that it’ll remain in its shining way forever. It never goes out of style regardless of the season, which makes the regular process of cleaning gold jewellery all the more important, so you can forever flaunt it. Gold is one of the most beautiful metals

Fall 2012 Jewelry Trend: Animal-Inspired Pieces

Creature Couture Snake Pattern Ring Animal-inspired jewellery pieces have always been in style. Creatures from the animal kingdom have served as great inspiration for jewellery pieces. Animals like leopards, snakes, birds, frogs, fishes and more are constantly seen in many jewellery collections. Some of the big jewellery brands had been famous for using animal designs

Tips in Choosing an Engagement Ring

Getting married is not as easy as you think. You need to make preparations before the big day. Buying an engagement ring is the first step to do when you want to tie the knot. Engagement rings come in various styles, cuts and prices. You need to find the perfect ring that matches your bride-to-be.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities love to show off their status through fashion and accessories. They often flaunt their engagement rings to the public to let us know that they’re about to tie the knot. They usually have a lavish taste for luxurious things and an engagement ring is not an exception. Here are some of the celebrity engagement

Interesting Facts about Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is an important jewellery piece that symbolizes love and devotion. It is something that a man gives to the one he intends to tie the knot with. Choosing an engagement ring can be quite confusing, especially with the different choices that come these days. There are many engagement ring types but the

Rachel Galley Memento Globe Collection

Fetched from The Jewellery Channel The Memento Globe collection by Rachel Galley is one of the most beautiful jewellery collections. The signature collection features chic, versatile and fun jewellery pieces. Each jewellery piece from the signature collection comes with a unique design that only Rachel Galley can do. Rachel Galley brings her artistic touch to each piece

Roxanne Wilson: The Real Wonder Woman

Roxanne Wilson is the new guest presenter for The Jewellery Channel. She is branded as the girl-on-the-go because of her multi-faceted  talents. She is not your average woman because she can juggle her job as a TV host, radio personality, author, speaker, attorney, fitness guru and who-knows-what. She was a contestant of NBC’s The Apprentice

Rachel Galley bags the “Catwalk Jewellery of the Year” Award

Rachel Galley is a world-renowned jewelry designer from London.  Rachel creates jewelry pieces for A-listers and celebrities who walk on the red carpet events in the UK and all around the world. She has been awarded ‘New Designer Award’ and has won many prestigious awards. Recently, Rachel was given the ‘Catwalk Jewellery of the Year’