Disney Couture – Sprinkle some Magic this Christmas with our Disney Couture Competition

”Laughter is timeless…Imagination has no age…and dreams are forever.” ”You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you.” ”Faith and trust…all you need is pixie dust.” ENTER OUR DISNEY COUTURE COMPETITION 

Crazy Christmas Advent Calender – Play Away & Save Today

Click on our Crazy Christmas Calender each and every day to find out about the most amazing special offers on…well…offer. Whoops, that doesn’t sound right…but who cares…it’s Christmas and TJC are going inSanta Sane. That’s North Polian for the craziest deals on offer. Don’t miss out – click on the Calender now.

What’s so hot about these Shamballa Bracelets?

They are literally flying off the wall, thousands upon thousands of these exquisite bracelets dissapearing off the retailers floors onto the wrists of hip, fashion conscious trend setters. So the question has to be asked, what is so hot about this seemingly simple and understated wrist ware? Firstly, the celebs are eating them up and showcasing

Christmas Time…Mistle Toe and Larger Images

Welcome to the new Jewellery Channel site. Over the last three months we have been slaving away to try and bring you a bigger, bolder and more attractive shopping experience. Added attractions include larger thumbnails, a magnifer so you can see more exquisitiness on all of our products, faster and more intelligent navigation and ofcourse…deals

Freshly Ground…Never Instant

And so the Galley was delivered, not with whistles or bows…but rather sentiment and a dash of instant. In a single moment, in one fragment of my imagination…it made sense…the awkward intrepidation of not knowing whether the internal smile came from a place of earnest origin or masked approval. I understand now that importance of

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Dancing in the Galley

I ponder no more, the sight of a snow dance makes me impulsive and I shop online without coincidence or care. The internal debate grows louder, will she…will she not…will she…will she not. The foreboding flowers fall short, the calories are nothing more than an invitation…but…and it’s a big one…the sentiment of an exquisite piece

Diamonds Rule the Roost

Still no reply, so I sigh and venture down the lonely route of making a decision on my lonesome. I tried the chocolate express with a smile and glint of depreciative glory, but alas, she was less than impressed. I asked why, she said why not… a diamond from an auction would colour both sides