Perfectly precious peridot

Peridot, and not just any peridot, but Hebei (pronounced Hahbay) peridot will be showcased on TJC this Saturday. Make sure you are tuned in as we feature this exquisite gemstone. The colour is perfect for Spring and Summer and shouldn’t be missed!

Hebei peridot is mined in China, in the Zhangjiakou Xuanhua area of the Hebei province. This particular kind of peridot is famous for its unique lime green colour with a spark of gold and is found nowhere else in the world.


What makes this gemstone so special has to be the tough and treacherous conditions in Zhangjiakou. The mines are located in 5000 foot high mountains and are only accessible for three to four months during the year because of incredibly low temperatures and heavy rains.

The word “peridot” is derived from the Arabic word “faridat” which means gem. Peridot birthstone signifies strength, romance, friendship and vitality.

Peridot bracelet

History bite – It has been around for thousands of years and is even mentioned in the Bible. It was known as the “gem of the sun” in ancient Egypt and was a favourite with Cleopatra herself.

Going green – Peridot is stunning green and comes in a diverse range of hues from bright limey yellows to a deep luscious leafy green and of course not forgetting the golden green of the Hebei variety. The exact colour of green is determined by how much iron content is in the crystal structure.

Where in the world – Gem quality peridot is mined Arizona, Burma, Norway, islands in the Red Sea, Hawaii and of course China amongst a few others.

Peridot ring

Geology bit – This glorious green gem is formed as a result of volcanic activity deep in the earth’s surface. Most interesting though has to be that peridot has been discovered in meteorites that have fallen to earth from outer space – so not only born from the volcanoes on earth.

Hocus Pocus – Pirates from the Middle Ages believed peridot could protect the wearer from evil spirit. Peridot is meant to bring you closer to nature and bring about positive changes.

Right so now you have all your ammo for your next peridot purchase. Peridot has got to be one of your top choices for Spring and Summer. Do you love it as much as we do?

Love TJC xx

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