Preparing for Wimbledon? Here’s some Top Tips!

Wimbledon begins this coming Monday, and whether you’ve been lucky enough to bag yourself tickets or will be enjoying the tennis in the comfort of your own home, we’ve got some house rules and the answers to some commonly asked questions which will help you out no matter where you end up watching the tennis.

Show up informed and don’t stick out for the wrong reasons!

Is it too late to get tickets?
If you haven’t got your tickets by now, it’s not too late, but the chances are quite slim. If you are a die hard tennis fan and really want to go, you could chance it and line up overnight in the hope of getting a ticket once stalls have opened, however, you have to pay in cash and can only buy one ticket per person. All hope is not lost though, if your attempts fail, try visiting your local pub/ bar or find an outdoors viewing of the matches you dont want to miss, as it’s great to watch along with others who appreciate the sport plus a great authentic experience.

Are you allowed to heckle during the match?
The answer is a resounding NO! Stay silent when the ball is in play. Most players love a rowdy and involved crowd that cheers them on, but remember to let loose when the point is over. Try to keep your responses encouraging, though. No one enjoys an unruly heckler at a tennis match. Obviously if you are watching the match with pals banter is inevitable, just try and have some consideration to the more serious tennis goers.

Don’t get up during the match!
All movement needs to be kept to a minimum while the ball is in play. Wimbledon has strict rules about fans leaving their seats during the match, and spectators should wait until a point has been reached or the game has ended before they stand up and leave or return. This rule is also courteous to your fellow spectators. I would say this rule is expected in a public viewings too, as no one wants to miss vital moves or point scores, and you dont want to be the reason for this!

What’s the dress code for Wimbledon?
Wimbledon is very much a formal occasion, so dress according. It’s not as ‘la di da’ as Ascot, but formal wear is welcomed so say no heavily branded clothing, and opt for a light shirt and trousers, or summer dress, just dont forget a cover up and umbrella, as we all know how unpredictable British weather can be.

What should I do for food and drinks?
Bringing your own food to any occasion can seem like a cheap option, but when it comes to Wimbledon, you definitely won’t be alone.  Ditch the long ques and extortionate prices for some homemade grub and one bottle of wine per person, however, don’t expect to consume any while in the stands.

Always remember:
Do que if you want a ticket
Definitely bring an umbrella
Do take food and water (Nobody has time for ridiculous ques or extortionate prices)
Do NOT take any flash photography during the match and also switch your mobile OFF!
Don’t embarrass yourself by wearing heavily branded clothing
Don’t be the annoying everyone hates!
Don’t bring your Selfie Stick (they’ve been banned at Wimbledon)

Last but not least, enjoy the tennis match. Bask in the atmosphere of other fans around you while watching some of your favourite players compete.

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