Pretty in pearls: The best ways to wear a timeless classic

Long known as the Queen of Gems, pearls have been dominating the jewellery world for centuries. Originally associated with the rich, pearls were typically worn by figures of royalty and were looked on as a symbol of wealth.

Fast forward to the 21st century and pearls are still a coveted item all over the world. This time though, they aren’t just reserved for the rich and famous; from the runways to the high-street, it’s safe to say that this timeless classic has made its way into all of our hearts – and wardrobes!

While some may think that pearls are best suited to the older lady, you might be surprised by just how versatile pearls really are, making them suited to every woman – no matter their age.

Here are some fabulous ways to wear pearls this season:

A delicate touch

Pearls carry an air of elegance and delicacy, meaning they can still make a statement even when worn in small touches. In other words, pearls have so much of a presence that they can be worn in a minimal way – think, less is more.

Something like our Japanese Akoya Pearl Tanzanite Ring is the perfect pick. The cut-out design presents a ‘barely there’ feel, making it look as though the pearl and tanzanite jewel are beautifully balancing on your finger.

Layer up

If you love nothing more than going all out and making a bold statement, then why not layer up your pearls? When it comes to such a timeless piece, there’s no going wrong, meaning you can wear as many or few pearls as you wish.

Our Japanese Akoya Pearl Stone Ring is a great way to layer up with pearls, as this piece of jewellery is designed with three stunning pearls set at varying degrees.

Another way to layer up with pearls is by wearing matching jewellery. This helps to pull your outfit together, while drawing the eye. This White Mabe Pearl Ring, Pendant and Earrings Set is a fashionable choice, with each pearl set in floral embossed sterling silver.

Off the cuff

Cuffs are a popular jewellery trend for 2016, with this piece of jewellery being spotted both on and off the catwalks. This means there’s no better way to wear pearls this season than on a stunning wrist cuff.

Something like our Japanese Akoya Pearl Cuff Bangle will add character and charm to any ensemble. The beautiful gold bangle is designed with a single pearl and a gold ball, creating the perfect contrast.

In your hair

While you may only think of wearing pearls on your body, the gorgeous stones actually work wonders when used to decorate the hair.

On your next evening soiree, grace your locks with this Freshwater Peach Pearl Hairband. The delicate pearl design will complement all hair types and colours, and will no doubt make you steal the show!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have a full range of stunning pearl jewellery and accessories. View them here.

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