A Q&A with Natalia, TJC’s Web Buyer

It’s all very new & fresh right now here at TJC.

Following her latest collection, we thought all you sparkle lovers out there might want to know a little more about our fabulous web-buyer, Natalia. So we managed to catch up with her this week amid her busy schedule & ask her a few questions. Enjoy!

HI NATALIA, TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: I’ve been working in the jewellery trade for the last 15 years. Making, designing and then buying. I’m half Italian, having grown up in Milan. A childhood in the capital of fashion has most definitely fuelled my passion for jewellery. The influence of such an environment is something I bring to my product development.

DESCRIBE YOUR ROLE IN ONE SENTENCE: Working with designers to develop exclusive collections for TJC website & TJC customers.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT IT?: Most definitely product development. Working & building on concepts, exercising my creative flare.

WHAT SPARKLY ATTRIBUTES WOULD YOU SAY YOU BRING TO TJC?:  I think my knowledge of jewellery making is key. Because of my past experience of making – the craft of working at the bench –all this has that helped me. It’s equipped me with a true understanding of the Jewellery world – at every level. My understanding of the entire design process makes me understand how far we can push designs.

YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE JEWELLERY. TELL US WHY: It’s Unique! Jewellery can have one meaning for one person, & and an entirely different for the next – but it always has a meaning. Say you buy a piece of jewellery because you think of someone, you pass that sentiment on. Whoever you give that to; that person will always relate it to you. Jewellery appeals to the emotions. I love that about Jewellery. It’s my favourite thing about being a Jewellery buyer. Jewellery matters. It always means something.

A BIT OF AN OBVIOUS ONE – FAVOURITE GEMSTONE ? Because I love jewellery as  a whole, I have a favourite for every different type of occasion. For anything special, I love diamonds. They provide such a timeless, classic look. A Diamond really is beautiful – & eternal of course! Again, I love it because it’s unique. It has its own imperfections, its, own fingerprint. With a Diamond, you know that stone is unique to you & no one else has that.

However, Tanzanite is the one stone I always say to people they should purchase, due to its rarity & the simply astounding beauty of its colour.

ANY FUN JEWELLERY TIPS FOR US?  Those semi-precious stones! Don’t forget about them! You can create so many different looks with those; & always make it your own.

FINALLY, A MESSAGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS?  I am actually really excited to be buying for the TJC website. I’m excited because this is a great opportunity to develop beautiful products at incredible prices while working closely with our vendors & design team doing what I love most – developing  products.


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