Reasons Why Gold Rings are Fashionable

Gold is one of the most popular metals used in jewellery making today. Gold is classical and holds a historical value. It is highly regarded even in the ancient times. It has been a favorite choice for wedding rings today. Let’s see the reasons why gold continues to be fashionable these days.

Gold is valuable.

Gold was used for trading because it has monetary value. Gold was a form of currency used in trading. It was one of the prized treasures in the ancient times. In Egypt, gold was believed to be connected to the sun, and it was one of the most important possessions they owned.

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Gold is variable.

Gold comes in varieties. Gold is graded according to its karat purity. Gold is a very soft metal which needs to be mixed with other metals. Gold alloy is frequently graded in karats: 10K, 14K and 18K. The karat purity is graded according to the percentage of gold used in the alloy. The higher the karats the more gold is used.

Gold comes in different colors.

Gold’s trademark color is yellow, but it also comes in other colors. Gold is mixed with other metals like copper, silver, palladium and more. This in turn produce other gold hues. Some of the most  popular gold hues are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, black gold, green gold and grey gold.

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Gold is classic.

Gold is a classic choice when it comes to wedding rings. Yellow gold and white gold rings are the popular choices for men and women. Gold jewellery pieces are versatile, luxurious and chic.


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Gold is malleable.

Gold is a malleable metal which can be molded into intricate designs. Gold jewellery pieces come in different styles and designs. Gold is esteemed as one of the favorite choices among jewelry designers because it can be reinvented in so many ways.

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