Red carpet makeup tips you need to know

If you’ve loved watching all the celebrities arriving at the award ceremonies over the last few weeks, you’ve probably considered how you could get the red carpet look yourself.

While you may not be able to spend a small fortune on the perfect celeb-style dress, there are other ways you can get the red carpet look.

As well as finding gorgeous jewellery for your budget with TJC, you can also make the most of celeb makeup tips to create a flawless look whatever the event.

Here are some of our recommended red carpet tips that will keep your makeup looking fresh all night long:

Let your moisturiser set

It’s easy enough when you’re in a hurry to simply put on all your makeup as quickly as possible. However, if you don’t let your moisturiser set before putting everything else on, it can lead to a makeup meltdown in no time.

Ideally, you should use a high-quality moisturiser that suits the needs of your skin – you can find great options in our beauty range. Apply it lightly to your face and neck, being sure to rub it in properly.

You should then leave between ten 20 minutes before applying any makeup to make sure your moisturiser has soaked into your skin completely.

Use a good primer

To keep your foundation and other makeup in place, you should use a good primer. It is a good idea to use a primer over your face and a separate one for your eyes to help keep eyeshadow and liner in place.

Just apply it to problem areas, such as your T-zone, cheeks and chin, as this will address the main areas that makeup tends to smudge. It will also keep the oilier areas of your skin matte.

The best brushes

It isn’t just the makeup that can make a difference to your red carpet look, you also need good brushes to aid with application. Soft brushes that are gentle on skin and allow good blending while still being firm enough for a good level of control are a must.

You should also ensure you clean them regularly to avoid makeup build-up that can stop your brushes functioning at their best and increase the risk of breakouts. Synthetic brushes will actually soften after washing, so your brushes could just get better with time.

Exfoliate your lips

One of the first things to suffer a meltdown when it comes to your makeup is your lipstick. No matter what type of lipstick you use, it can start to flake or bleed, which doesn’t look great.

However, exfoliating your lips before applying your lipstick provides a soft and smooth surface for your lipstick that will help it last longer and keep it looking fresh all night. Use a gentle scrub designed for lips and follow this with a touch of lip balm to keep your lips moisturised.

Invest in a fixing spray

Of course, one of the biggest celeb tricks for getting ready for the red carpet is a makeup setting spray. This will help fix your makeup in place for hours, avoiding a meltdown or smudging that can make it look tired.

Simply put your face on and then spray it lightly over your face from arm’s length away. This will keep your makeup looking amazing and leave you ready for anything.

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