Sparkle with a bang: Firework-inspired fashion for bonfire night

Remember remember the 5th of November, and be remembered while you're at it. Tomorrow night (November 5th) is bonfire night, which means many of you will be bundling up warm, grabbing a flask of hot chocolate and heading out to see the fireworks.

But the fireworks don't have to be the only thing shining brightly. Just because you have to wrap up warm, it doesn't mean you can't pop on a bit of sparkle and add some glamour to the proceedings.

Firework-inspired jewellery is great for tomorrow, while also being the perfect way to include some gorgeous glitter in any outfit. Whether you're dressing for day or night, you can always make the most of sparkling jewellery.

A full display

Firework displays typically include lots of different variations, shooting a whole host of colours into the sky at once. This works for jewellery too and can create a really interesting statement.

Choosing jewellery that features different colours – and so has a lot of depth – is a great way to make a statement without having to wear oversized pieces. 

Whether you wear a few different stones together, mix your metals or choose gems that appear to be different colours as the light changes, you can create a varied look that can finish off any outfit.

One great choice for achieving this is rainbow genesis quartz. With tones of pink, purple, blue green and yellow, each stone stands out and looks like a mini firework.

Something like this Rainbow Genesis Quartz and Diamond Platinum Overlay Set showcases the stone perfectly across a pendant, ring and earrings to allow you to create a whole display. You can either wear all the pieces together or customise your sparkle by mixing and matching. 

The square cut stones create a modern yet classic look, while the round diamonds that encase the quartz help to add to the glitter and really make a feature of the rainbow-hued stone. 

Stand out sparkle

While taking inspiration from the whole display is perfect if you love varied colours, you can also select a single statement shade to make your sparkle stand out for a different reason.

Fireworks look so great because they are a burst of colour against a dark sky and in a similar way, you can make clear stones glitter even more by teaming them with a darker gem. Not only does this result in a really glitzy look, it also adds some variety to your style without going over-the-top.

Blues and purples are great for doing this as they look fab against gold or silver metal and can help to accentuate clear stones like diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

You want to choose a dark version of your chosen shade as the depth of colour will heighten the contrast and make your jewellery stand out even more. 

This Ceylon Colour Quartz and White Topaz Platinum Overlay Ring is the perfect example of this style done well. The large centre stone features a stunning shade of blue, which perfectly offsets the white topaz either side of it.

You could really make it pop by wearing it with white or silver this season and perfect the ice queen look.

Whatever firework-inspired jewellery you choose this bonfire night, remember, it may be cold outside but you can still sparkle! 

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  1. I love rainbow genesis quartz but I can find nothing about care of it. I know it’s a capped stone, a triplet I believe, so is it affected by water?

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