Sunscreen On Cloudy Days- Do you Really Need?

Yes, we are sure it has taken almost everyone in wonder- do we or do we not? But the answer certainly is a big YES! And to prove the sunscreen debate right we have apt reasons to back it up:

Clouds do filter the sunlight but 80% of skin damaging UV rays still penetrate through causing skin cancer and heaps of skin problems.

UV rays bounce off clouds easily and hit the skin with its hazardous properties. So, of course, one should wear the sunscreen even if it is cloudy outside.

We can’t stress much upon the usage of sunscreen no wonder it is raining, cloudy or for that matter, you are sun bathing.

Today, slathering on sunscreen is not a hot mess that turns out to be sweaty and sticky. The suncare specialists have finally heard our woes. The all new skin care range in the market boasts skin nourishing and effective sunscreens and sprays that balance the skin and offer utmost protection from sun damage.

So, here’s the cue- wear your sunscreen as no more you have a reason to not wear it at all. Also, a concoction of mattifying and moisturising sunscreen would play with your freshness fairly instead of exhibiting an extra topped off layer.

Resort for everyone- sunscreen will gregariously help your skincare routine and keep your skin protected with the harmful UV rays. On that note, let’s find the suncare products one should definitely be having:

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sun Cream Spray SPF 50

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This is a sheer wonder in the bottle that not only rescues the skin from overheating under the sun but refreshes it at the same time. A perfect non-greasy, water absorbent and light weighing formula does not sit on the skin but penetrates to let it be extra soothe and calm.

Australian Gold SPF 50 Lotion

sunscreen Australian Gold

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A much hydrating cocktail of Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Tea Tree Oil presents this potent sun lotion. With SPF 50 it is a perfect sun care protection for beach holidays and a summer must have. More than a sunscreen, this lotion gently cleanse, smooth and protects the skin from damage.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Advance Anti-Sand Spray SPF 50

sunscreen 3

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In stride of keeping your skin protected from the harsh sun, how can you let your kids suffer? Thinking to apply the same sun spray on the kids? A big No. Apparently, the skin differs. For their extra sensitive skin, you need a mild sun spray solution and what better than the trusted brand- Garnier? This dual action spray acts as a sand repellent and secures skin from sun damage. Kids have to do their fun with no hassle, so slather this spray and let them be the liberal playful creatures when they are rolling on the beach carefree.

Astalift SPF 35 Day Protector

Astalift suncare

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Astalift perfect protective barrier doesn’t let you go worn out. The non-greasy formula works miraculously for everyday humdrum and with SPF 35 it acts as a potent suncare from harmful UV rays. Wear it daily to work, outings or for that matter everywhere and secure skin from the ageing effects of the environment.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Day Cream SPF 25

Loreal suncare

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For skin with severe skin issues, one needs extra care that renews the skin with the effect of SPF at place. L’Oreal laboratories laser renew day cream with SPF 25 is ideal to fill wrinkles, fine lines and re-plumping skin along with protecting it from harsh UV rays. Certainly a winner!

So, here goes everything you need to make sure incorporating sun care in your regimen. If one’s skin looks dreary and possibly shows redness and irritation, applying after sun soothing lotion would do surprising well for instant relief.

Next time when walking out, don’t trust those clouds shielding your skin from sun damage, because UV rays will do its work no matter what. Better Safe than Sorry!

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