The Gem of the Sun – Peridot

It’s August. The start of a new month which means its time to love and adore this month’s birthstone – Peridot! We’ve had good weather and now it’s heating up even more, we’re guaranteed highs of 27 over the next few weeks. And with the coming sunshine, Peridot, the gem of the sun seems to

Perfectly precious peridot

Peridot, and not just any peridot, but Hebei (pronounced Hahbay) peridot will be showcased on TJC this Saturday. Make sure you are tuned in as we feature this exquisite gemstone. The colour is perfect for Spring and Summer and shouldn’t be missed! Hebei peridot is mined in China, in the Zhangjiakou Xuanhua area of the Hebei province. This