The BIG five … The Hollywood Way

The easiest way to keep up to date with the latest trends has to be by scouting out the celebrities at their big red carpet events. Not only are we looking for jewellery styles but also for the gemstones that they are wearing. Without fail, the BIG five gemstones come up time and time again

Helen Mirren | Fab over 50

Dame Helen Mirren, born on 26th July 1945 and a true style icon. She dresses with grace and elegance and exudes stylish sophistication off the screen as much as she does on it. She was even named the top style icon for women over 50 in a poll carried out by clothing company CC in

“Brooching” the subject …

You say “brooch” and it tends to conjure up pictures of a dusty dowager or a prim debutante. Oh how wrong you are. The brooch has got to one of the best all rounders when it comes to jewellery. And this season it definitely needs to be included in your jewel box.