Caring for your jewellery while playing sports

For some people, wearing jewellery every day is a habitual part of their dressing routine, with many claiming to feel ‘bare’ or ‘naked’ if they happen to forget one of their staple pieces. With the summer season upon us, you might find yourself outdoors more often, which could mean taking part in sporting activities like

The best jewellery for music festivals

It’s the summer season, which means there’s no better time to head off to a music festival. With events taking place all around the world, you’re sure to be in the midst of preparing your festival outfit – whether you’re going to a festival here in the UK or abroad. As exciting as music festivals

Travelling bling: Taking care of your jewellery on holiday

With school out for summer and many families planning exciting trips abroad, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday essentials. While you can simply fold your clothes and store them neatly inside your suitcase, packing your jewellery is a whole other ball game. Loosely placing your precious jewellery inside your suitcase is bound to