The Cosmos Collection: Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the universe, the galaxy and the beautiful nature of the earth, TJC have crafted the Cosmos Collection: inspired by nature. Nature really is a never ending library of wonderful designs and ideas, and this collection of jewellery encourages us to appreciate the beauty of this earth and to spend time celebrating each moment that we’re

Nature Dipped In Gold

This season we are all about drawing inspiration from good ole Mother Nature. With summer now tantalisingly in reach, we have eagerly ditched our heavy coats and black boots and swapped these winter items for a more colourful and lightweight wardrobe, shifting the focal point of our ensembles to our accessories. In light of the


As we near the end of June, TJC thought it might be nice to take another look at the month’s wonderful gemstone – the pearl! After all it really is something to be admired. For centuries, pearls have been considered a symbol of beauty and status. In ancient times they were highly revered, and thought