TJC Introduces Faye Lovenbury

You may have seen around on our social platforms recently, but do you know who she is?

We sat down with the incredible witty, Marketing & Communications extraordinnaire, Faye Lovenbury, to answer your budding questions, so keep reading!

How long have you worked at TJC? 

I’ve been at TJC for two and a half years

What do you do at TJC?

I’m Head of Communications – which is handy because I LOVE chatting!

What does a regular day at TJC look like? 

Everyday is very different. but it usually goes a little like this;

  • Coffee and a smoothie for breakfast and woe betide anyone who chats to me before these!!
  • Catchup with my team and the digital team on work (and gossip!) and more work.
  • Look at our latest adverts, the plans for events and branding for things like upcoming sales and campaigns.
  • Grab lunch at my desk and have a cheeky read of the papers online to see what’s going on in the rest of the world.
  • Managers’ meeting to discuss sales performance and future plans.
  • Check on our mailing programmes and see which letters to customers are working.
  • Discuss Christmas – we talk about Christmas pretty much every day in TJC!!

Then I hotfoot it to pick up my small one from nursery and I am usually a little late because I can’t stop talking!

On other days we might be travelling abroad for filming trips and making behind the scenes visits, working with other areas of the business on their launches – such as beauty – and having fun creative meetings to  work out the best way to display and promote our ranges.

What do you love about your job?

The people, always the people – my team are amazing and I love the team atmosphere here, plus it’s no hardship at all to be working with such beautiful things – my latest purchase was some amazing Columbian Emerald studs!

I’m also super proud of the business’s charitable involvement – to be able to tell everyone that every single purchase makes a difference is a hugely positive message – both to customers and our team in TJC Towers.

Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

We’ve got a loads! A few more customer open days, which are always a great way to connect with our customers beyond the TV screen. We’re also looking at further developing our One for One programme, but I can’t tell you any details yet, but we are working hard on it!

Share 5 random facts with our readers!

My favourite gemstones = diamonds, emeralds and aquamarines

My motto = the bigger the stone the better – although I’m a diamond girl on a CZ budget

My favourite food = my mum’s spaghetti and my mum’s trifle and my mum’s coffee cake

My favourite place = home or anywhere really where my family are

Weirdest fact about me = I seem scatty but everything is filed away, trust me!!



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