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You’ve read all that there is about the different catalogues of jewellery that we present. Yes, we primarily sell jewellery, as is abundantly clear. But that’s not all we sell at all. TJC covers a vast arena of the most unique goods and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else! Never let it be said that TJC lacks at sheer brilliance in terms of cheery new ideas.

And that is what exactly this blog post is about. Find an enriching array of colourful and fun things that you will exclusively find at this shopping portal and nowhere else.


  • Walking Cane
    Who says that walking canes only have to be sculpted out of morose wooden textures? At TJC, you will find charming, decorated canes with some pretty fantastic designs. With pops of colours and trendy options, you can personally accessorize for them to match your colourful outfits, suiting the day’s need!2863861Get it here: Collapsable Walking Cane
  • Brooches
    A brooch has been a timeless adornment that you can just pin on any outfit to add a sizzling quotient. The said embellishments make glamourizing any ensemble so much easier! And that is exactly why TJC has a huge collection of brooches in the most impressive designs and outlays. With the ones that can be used as pendants as well, these brooches are fully capable of making you stand out in the crowd with a celebratory zeal!2929041Get it here: Poppy Flower and Phoenix Brooches
  • A Cat Cap
    This is just too adorable to pass up on, and you have to agree with us on this! This pink cap is layered with acrylic fabric in a cat-fur form to not only look pretty but also feel like a dreamy cloud of softness. A children’s favourite, this cap is ideal for the best gift you could present. What’s better is that it comes with an adjustable fit, so ideally, anyone can wear it. Let the cute appeal of this accessory win you over!2608133Get it here: Cat-face Cap
  • Inverted Umbrella
    Yes, this exactly what it sounds like. The idea of an inverted umbrella enables for it to leave you dry and sorted at all times during those pesky torrents of rains. We offer you a wide and elaborate array of colours and patterns that adorn the designs of the said umbrellas. They also come with a C–shaped handle for a better grip. There’s essentially nothing more that you can ask for, really.2822035Get it here: Reverse Folding Double-layered Umbrella
  • Key Ring/Earphones’ Bag
    Small, tiny bags hold all the dear charisma there is, don’t they? Well, we’re redefining all of that! Find the most besotted small bags that double as key-holders as well. With bubbly animal-based silhouettes, these bags are ideal to store your earphones in then. Crafted out of durable fabric, they come in several inviting colours, which make them versatile enough to be carried along with almost everything.2870876Get it here: Cat Design Bag with Key Ring Holder
  • Cats’ Self-scratcher
    We’ve got presents for your feline pets, too! Purchase this sufficient cat-scratcher that will keep your pet busy and sated for a long, long while to come. Also doubling as a massager, you can hear the purrs of your little feline baby and smile to yourself. Built out of sturdy and sustainable materials, you will not need to re-stock this for a long time. Small and portable, it can be placed anywhere in the house.2825761
    Get it hereCat Self-grooming & massaging toy 
  • Pug in a Mug
    This is just a treat to see, and we dare you to bring anyone who might claim otherwise! A small decorative item that can be placed anywhere, this adorable little thing is essentially a Pug in a Mug, exactly what it says. Crafted in tiny dimensions, it can be placed almost anywhere in the house and proves to be the most charming sight you’ll lay your eyes on. Get this innocuous decorative exclusively at TJC!3012724Get it here: Pug in a Mug Pugsley
  • Diffuser with Essential Oil
    Homely smells are always calming and there’s absolutely no denying the fact. And to give more credit to the statement, TJC presents an entire range of diffusers along with essential oils that will leave your home smelling warm and summery, like a dream. Choose from the vast selection of fragrances and make your house your home.2774165Get it here: Electric Diffuser
  • Accessory Charms
    We do love to give you options to personalize your jewellery. And that is exactly why we have an incredible selection of cute little charms to choose from. With an incredible variety of options, you can add a little fun to the most boring accessory just by clipping one of the thousands of charms available in our catalogue. From animals to delightful patterns, lose yourself to the bubbly world of them.2557608Get it here: Origami Swan Charm
  • Engraved Jewellery
    What’s better than to have jewellery that keeps you positive through the day? Well, TJC has an entire range of funky little adornments that are engraved with meaningful messages that keep you chirped through the entirety of the day! We believe in making the world a better place and this is our rite of initialization for the movement. Shop for such stately jewellery items at our portal now.2543836Get it here: A Wish From Me Collection Necklace in Rose Gold
  • Shoe Adornments
    Yes, these are some real things. You don’t have to wear boring and bland shoes any longer. At least not if you can add some sparkles to the pair for the party this weekend! Sold by the pair, these adornments can be clipped or attached anywhere on the surface of your heels to add a much-needed element of glamour and awe! Find multiple options for different sparkles and shine like a diva that you are.2915030

Get it here: Daisy Flower Clip Accessory



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