TJC’s party season survival guide

Christmas is fast approaching and you've probably got a few parties lined up over the next week or so, if you haven't already started the celebrations. 

Not only do numerous parties mean you need several different outfits and a whole host of accessories to keep your look fresh, it also means you need to take steps to stop yourself feeling worse for wear.

While festive celebrations may be fun, they can leave you feeling and looking tired, add on an extra inch or two to your waistline and empty your bank account. 

You definitely want to enjoy yourself, but you also don't want to be feeling the effects – both physical and monetary – for an extended amount of time afterwards. To get the most out of your festive parties, follow our survival guide and live to party another day.


One of the first signs that you have been partying too hard is your skin. Unhealthy foods, alcohol, little sleep and makeup can all leave your skin looking and feeling a little dull.

It can also affect the texture or your skin, not to mention result in bags under your eyes. You should make sure you are looking after your skin by maintaining a good routine in terms of cleansing and moisturising, as well as drinking plenty of water and getting some sleep.

One of the worst culprits of party skin is failing to take your makeup off when you get home late. Avoid this by keeping facial wipes on your bedside table and removing your makeup before falling asleep.

Eat regularly

While it can be tempting to skip lunch so you can enjoy some of the tasty treats at a party, this is a really bad idea. 

Skipping meals or leaving long gaps between eating can leave you feeling tired and grumpy because it affects your blood sugar. This can stop you from enjoying yourself at your party.

Instead, eat snacks that are high in energy, like fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains, throughout the day so your energy levels stay up and you can get ready to party.

Drink water

If you're partial to a tipple or two at a party, you may forget to drink things that will actually keep you hydrated. Not only is this bad for your overall health, it can also leave you feeling a bit under the weather the next day.

Be sure to drink water throughout your party to maintain your hydration levels and keep you feeling fresh. You should also only drink any alcoholic beverages in moderation.


It can be easy to blow all of your disposable income in one fell swoop, but if you still have bills to pay, Christmas presents to buy and other parties to attend, it can leave you in a bit of trouble.

Budget for each party, including transport, and you won't be left short before the next pay day.

Say no

If you're meant to go to a party but aren't feeling up to it, just don't go. The chances are if you're tired or are starting to get ill, you won't enjoy yourself anyway. 

Instead, have a night off and get some sleep. That way you'll probably be feeling better in no time and so be ready for the next festive bash. 

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