Top 5 Spring Beauty Must Haves

Spring is almost upon us! After bundling ourselves under layers of warm clothing, blankets, and boots, our skin isn’t ideally ready to be shown off as of yet! But, fret not, fellow fashionistas! This selection will help you to prepare yourself in advance so there will be no last-minute panic when the sun finally gets here.


  • Alicia Douvall’s Argan Oil Moisturiser

          Details: 2671521, £34.99 (100 ml) or 2671524, £19.99 (50 ml)


This is a fabulous multi-use moisturizer for the skin and hair. With versatile use, you can apply it to your hair as a serum to enhance better hair texture or rub it into the soles to rehydrate the feet after a winter in boots. There’s no denying that it’s absolute must have.

It is made from 100 percent cold-pressed and pure Argan oil, which is popularly known as “Liquid Gold” in Morocco. It is organic, chemical-free, and really works!

Produced from the Argan tree in the semi-deserts of Morocco, Argan Oil has been used by the native women for centuries for its nutritional and cosmetic benefits. Use it to soften dry skin, which tends to build up on and around the elbows, knees, and feet in particular over winter. The quicker you can start using it, the better. It can help minimize fine lines and help scarring as well. Also used to soften cuticles and treat split ends, call Argan oil a magical concoction. You really can make use of it almost everywhere, so it’s a rather good idea to invest in the 100ml bottle.

  • Dead Sea Pamper Set 

     Details: 2921561, £24.99

This set can be used both, by him and her, to prepare your skin for more sun exposure as the warmer weather rolls in. With subtle and organic fragrances, the products are sublime and ideal for all skin types. The seaweed mask works brilliantly to revitalise the skin, the salt brushing crystals take away dead skin and enhance an effortless glow, and this is right before you use the moisturizer that makes your skin gliding smooth. The hand cream is fabulous, too, for getting rid of the ravages of winter.



  • SKIN DOCTORS Eye Tuck 

     Details: 2713935, £19.99

If you are suffering from creases and bags under or around the eyes, then this is the ideal remedy for you! This product from the renowned brand Skin Doctors is formulated to reduce puffiness and to smoothen the under-eye area.  It is a miraculous product that not just covers up skin issues, but in fact tightens the skin, hence, evening out the texture. It contains Tetrapeptide-5, which drains the excess fluid from the eye area, therefore, reducing puffiness and bags.

Results are often seen within 15 days, which is great and a little bit of product goes a long way so it will last for ages.

  •  LOreal Men Expert Vita Lift Double Action Moisturiser 

          Details: 2751624, £7.99


L’Oreal is among the market leaders in skin care industry and they provide a great range for men too. Many years ago, the chaps didn’t really focus on their skincare regime, but that is a thing of the past. This is a two-in-one firming gel and anti-wrinkle cream, which is designed to fight the wrinkles and sagging.  It is enriched with Pro-Tensium, which is known for its tensile strength in firming the skin.  It also contains Pro-Retinal VX, which goes to work on the wrinkles and adds to the skin’s natural resistance.

  • Mavala Foot Care Duo

          Details: 2774124, £27.99


With the summers almost dawning upon us, we need to get our feet sandal-ready as there is an ever-present dryness and roughness of the skin during winters, which needs to be fought off. We would advise that you begin working on the solution now and tackle the problem areas. Mavala is the world leader in nail care with a heritage spanning over 50 years, so who better to turn to when preparing your feet for Spring/Summer? Their products are professional in their formulation and tried-and-tested in over 100 countries globally.

This set contains two products; the first of which is the Hydro repairing foot cream.  This has been specifically formulated for cracked and calloused feet, which is the issue faced by a majority of individuals. It is intensely thick and soothes, moisturises, and prevents further build up throughout the season.

The second part of the set is the Revitalising Emulsion, which is designed to relax tired legs.  Anyone who is on their feet a lot will benefit from the restorative and refreshing qualities and enjoy the lighter legs feeling.


I hope that this blog is useful in getting you started for the spring and enjoy feeling great when the summer finally gets here!

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