TREND ALERT: Convertible Jewellery

Make way for Convertible jewellery, it’s having an ‘it-moment’!

New technologies in jewellery design are always evolving and improving, which is why convertible jewellery is a style design you should be getting your hands on this season.

Convertible jewellery are pieces that transform from one design into another with a few swift and simple movements. These are never normally outrageous, but really efficient and super cool too.

With the emergence of 3D printing and designers taking inspiration from ‘movement’ and ‘fluidity’ convertible jewellery is leading the way in design.

If you don’t believe us, you only have to look at the likes of Gumuchian to know that this trend is not only one to look out for but it’s also completely versatile and will work with your signature style. It will be a style that will work perfectly as we enter party season, enabling you to buy one piece of jewellery and wear multiple times despite it being one piece.

What’s great about this trend is that it pairs fabulous and delicate style against wearable technology, allowing it to mix two polar opposites, making technology sexy and luxurious (which is an achievement in itself!)

As individuals, we are always after styles we can make our own and wear in more ways than one, and love when we find a product that has a multi-use which is why this trend should be on the top of your to-buy lists. It’s a great investment and also cheerful, what more could you ask for? Even more reason to indulge.

Compliment your signature style with TJC’s convertible Diamond Necklace, perfect to wear for any occasion.

Not quite your style? Stay tuned as TJC are sure to be adding to its convertible trend jewellery in the very near future.

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