Tucson Treasures…

Every February, Tucson Arizona swells and a surplus 50,000 folk are added to its ranks. Why? It’s the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase and every gem hunter the world over descends on the city in zealous pursuit for all things gemstone.

The gem show (if we can call it that), has tens of thousands of visitors, over 300 vendors at more than 50 locations around town. Shows take place simultaneously in huge marquees, at hotels, resorts and exhibition centres.

GarnetThe mineral hunters come in search for the usual gem suspects: rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds amongst others. You’ll also come across some more unusual mineral oddities like purple apatite from Portugal; alexandrite from India and epidote from Alaska.

As The Jewellery Channel deals extensively with all kinds of gemstones, we feel it’s imperative that we send a team over to the show every year. Without fail, the team always comes back from the show with fabulous treasures, bursting at the seams with excitement to share them with everyone.

This year we sent over a group of three: Amit Agarwal, TJC’s head buyer, a real wizard when it comes to gemstones. Stacey Ellis, presenter extraordinaire. Lastly of course we needed Paul Kalburgi, our expert promotions producer, to document their amazing adventure for you. Stacey commented, “We had the most amazing time filming Amit buying gems, interviewing leading industry experts and driving the wrong way up mountains!”

Paul said, “You never know what you might find at the show, it’s like gemstone heaven, a fantastic place to film too.” Check out the promo video that Paul made – you’ll wish you were there!

Stacey being the girlie girl that she is, was ecstatic at being able to pick a personal favourite to bring back to you all. After some careful thought she picked out the colour change Malayan garnet – have a look at the collection from TJC.

Stacey took along her camera to snap a few photos and capture some of the behind the scene moments.


Exicting? We think so. Make sure you tune in on 22nd March for the Tucson Treasures show, where we’ll be introducing all our new fabulous finds.

Love TJC xxx

P.S. Don’t miss the 60th Annual Show in 2014, with the theme of Diamonds: A Girl’s Best Friend!

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